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Democratic strategist neatly deflects all the mud thrown at Bill Clinton (and by association, Hillary)

Reported by Chrish - April 3, 2008 -

Mary Anne Marsh was a guest on FOX and Friends First this morning 4/3/08 and deftly swatted back every talking point/smear lobbed at her by host Alisyn Camerota.

Camerota was pushing the story that Bill Clinton "lost his temper" in an outburst (also called a tirade) at a private function the other day, when someone asked him about Bill Richardson's endorsement of Barack Obama. Marsh calmly replied that Clinton probably feels betrayed and called Richardson out.

Camerota asked if his "losing his cool" isn't hurting Hillary? Marsh referenced the Dukakis incident in 1988, and said Clinton is only sticking up for his wife. Camerota broke out the "some say," that he just wants to get back into the White House himself. Marsh could see where "some" might say this, but this campaign pales in comparison to 1991. He's fighting, and they're playing hardball, and they are in it to win.

Marsh, when asked to predict, said after June 3rd when the primaries are all done, neither candidate will have reached the 2025 mark; the super-delegates will decide, taking several weeks, and Hillary Clinton will play hardball all the way.

The host was clearly out to damage the Clintons but the guest (the "balance?") was ready on defense. Compare this to yesterday's schmooze-fest with McCain and the earlier plugs for him (in the pork segment and again in a "3AM" commercial comparison segment where Kilmeade gushed about McCain's strength in national defense and plans to "grow the economy and keeping "the free market free!") No favoritism there, nooooo.