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O'Reilly hates Hollywood redux

Reported by Chrish - April 2, 2008 -

Tonight 4/2/08 Bill O'Reilly was righteously pleased that Paramount Pictures' "Stop Loss" was "a flop," making less than $5 million. He took the opportunity to remind viewers of other recent movies about the Iraq and Afghanistan wars that were not box office successes, and then went on a tangent against modern movie stars, rhapsodizing about the World War II era actors who were in the military.

He listed the movies first: Stop Loss, Rendition, Redacted, Lions for Lambs, and In the Valley of Elah, and said they have been rejected because "Americans do not want to see their country bashed." He didn't cite any polling for that conclusion so presumably he made it up, to fit his agenda. Just as likely, the disheartening lack of progress in those wars and increasing toll and pricetag are all we can take; if we're going to spend $20 for a night at the movies let's escape the wars, right? Of course he took a gratuitous slap at Mark Cuban's "vile" movie, again ignoring that it was released primarily on HDNET and was not intended for big screen "success."

O'Reilly allowed that "most Americans are disappointed we ("the good guys") haven't won decisively in Iraq," and "there is great distress over all the blood and treasure" we've spent. But, TP strongly believes that most Americans don't believe the US is evil for "removing Saddam and trying to bring democracy to the Middle East." Nevermind we ostensibly attacked to gain control of the non-existent WMD, to prevent the smoking gun in the form of a mushroom cloud; "the intent was noble." Such bullsh*t. His fans are part of that shrinking minority who still think the war was just and necessary.

He railed that nowadays we have non-stop anti-American garbage coming from the studios. Sixty years ago patriotism was celebrated: Gable, Stewart, Durning, Bronson, Marvin - those were real men. Today the USO has trouble getting selfish movie stars to go into a war zone! The country's changed, more eager to find fault with the US, and ideologically polarized. (I think he means the Bush administration when he says "the US;" I thought it was a good thing in a democracy to criticize the leadership. For the people, by the people, all that...)

In summation, we're noble, we stand for liberty and justice, Iraqis and Afghanis have a shot at liberty because of us, and all the Hollywood propaganda won't change that.

Another rant demonizing the usual suspects: Hollywood, anti-war Americans, liberals, and oh yeah, he threw in a completely arbitrary jab at the press.

I think they use that blaring, jarring music at the beginning of each segment to waken the snoozing audience who has dozed off because they've heard it all before.