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Macaca Aide Obenshain Argues That Clinton’s Misstatements Worse Than Bush Administration’s Untruths About Iraq War

Reported by Ellen - April 2, 2008 -

If she didn’t look so gosh-darned steamed up at how the meanie Democrats kept trouncing her Republican talking points, I would have sworn that Kate Obenshain was playing an April Fool’s joke on Hannity & Colmes last night (4/1/08) as she argued that misstatements by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were more detrimental to the country than any untruths told by the Bush Administration about the Iraq war. Obenshain only cited one falsehood coming from either Democratic candidate and in that case, it was the hapless pundit who was not telling the truth. With video.

As usual when she appears on the show, Obenshain’s prominent role in George “Macaca” Allen’s spectacular failure of a Senate re-election campaign was not disclosed to the audience. Instead, Obenshain was introduced merely as being from the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute.

There’s nothing in Obenshain’s background to indicate she has any expertise in psychology or mindreading but that did not stop her from rendering expert opinions on Clinton’s inner dynamics. In Part 2 of a two-part Hannity & Colmes segment critiquing Obama and Clinton, Obenshain said in her nasally whine, “There’s something a little off about the Clinton’s ambition. It has more to do about personal gain as opposed to the good of our wonderful country.”

And Obenshain knows this, how? She didn’t bother to tell us.

Obenshain continued by comparing Clinton to John McCain. “There’s a difference between being ambitious because you want to continue to serve your country and being ambitious for this odd sort of personal glory and gain and Hillary Clinton thinks that she is God’s gift to the country.”

Guest Juan Williams, who almost fell over himself agreeing with the Republican talking points in Part 1 of the discussion now said, “Kate, I think you’ve invited attacks here… Gosh, if you wanted to be bitter about it, you’d say, ‘You know what? What about exaggerations about weapons of mass destruction? What about exaggerations about being greeted as…”

Obenshain looked like Margaret from Dennis the Menace as she tried to lecture the panel that what Clinton said was worse than anything from Bush. “Listen, Juan,” Obenshain squealed. “There’s a big distinction between flagrantly lying – saying that your daughter Chelsea was running around the World Trade Center on 9/11.”

In fact, the one who lied about Chelsea running around the World Trade Center was Obenshain. Clinton did not say that Chelsea had run around the World Trade Center on 9/11.

Nevertheless, Macacashain self-righteously screeched on. “You all are brushing this stuff off that the Democrats are doing!”

Nobody on the panel bought her theory. The third panelist, Pat Caddell, who normally spends his air time on FOX complaining about Democrats, even argued against her.

Williams said, “There’s a big difference between the cost of a war, Kate, a huge difference between saying that everything in the economy is looking up, looking great, and people at the kitchen table knowing that their economics are really tight and think, ‘What’s going on? How come, you know, Washington is helping out Wall Street but not helping out the average guy?’"

Alan Colmes jumped in. “Kate, how about, ‘we’re gonna have a war that lasts six months, oil’s gonna pay for the war, we’ll be in and out, we’ll have a broad coalition of nations, weapons of mass destruction, links to Al Qaeda.’ You want to go down the list and talk about lies? Come on.”

Macacashain squeaked, “Let’s go down the list. Because when the president said that we were going to war, he was relying on the information that he received from our intelligence sources as well as intelligence sources from AROUND. THE. WORLD.”

Williams laughed scornfully.

“Cherry picking intelligence,” Colmes said.

Obenshain was visibily frustrated. She yelped, “You all can try to bring up all that you can but…

“You wanna run on that?” Colmes interrupted.

Macacashain continued, “You can not ignore the fact that Obama and Clinton are doing the country a grave disservice by this flagrant lying.”

“I welcome that debate during the general election,” Colmes said, as the segment ended.