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Fox & Friends Finally Talks About John McCain - It's All Good

Reported by Donna - April 2, 2008 -

I've been reporting on Fox and Friends and the last few weeks the concentration has been on dissing Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. John McCain was mostly shown in video clips (no audio) getting off of planes and visiting overseas, talking to other leaders.

Well, today they finally spoke about McCain today and it was all positive. At the beginning of the show Fox and Friends proudly announced that McCain gets back at one of his critics.

Later in the segment Kilmeade said that McCain is one of the best speakers, he's been studying him.

Kilmeade said he used to like David Letterman until he started getting on Bill O'Reilly. (Comment: Oh, c'mon, you'd have to get in line to be one of the persons who gets on Bill O'Reilly) He said he really let David Letterman have it last night. Carlson said payback is tough.

They showed a video of David Letterman who said (about John McCain, doing standup alone)

*Looks like the guy at the hardware store who makes keys
*Talks about how well his tomatos are doing
*Smells like turpentine
*Has hair growing out of new places
*Guy who washes his car and is always saying he missed places

Not so bad, huh? But Fox and Friends were upset because Letterman is always getting on McCain's case about his age (71).

McCain came out and said (about David Letterman)

*Guy whose laptop is seized by authorities (not funny)
*A guy smuggling reptiles in his pants (huh?)
*A guy who neighbors say he 'kept mostly to himself'
*A night manager at a creepy hotel

I thought Kilmeade was going to wet his pants he got so excited, "That is called payback, baby!" He said he was great.

Later on Doocy came on and said that, "I told you he'd be brilliant."

Comment: Now, the whole thing was not that funny. The crowd wasn't going crazy over the remarks. And McCain's remarks about 'seizing his laptop by authorities' wasn't funny at all. It was telling. Telling us that we'll have Bush II in the White House if he's elected president.

And don't you just love all the fawning Fox & Friends did over him?