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O'Reilly STILL making Wright and Bosnia his Top Story

Reported by Chrish - April 1, 2008 -

Tonight's Talking Points Memo 4/1/08 asked "Who got hurt worse in their missteps, Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton?" I was waiting for the "April Fools" punchline, since surely Bill O'Reilly can't still be talking about those non-issues...can he?
With video.

Sure enough, it's still Pastor Wright and Hillary goes to Bosnia making the Top Story on the O'Reilly Factor. (How can he be #1 in "news" if we're still rehashing a three-week old story?) Apparently the "delerious" reception Wright has been receiving at churches across the country is baffling to some Americans, including O'Reilly, and rather than admit he just doesn't get it O'Reilly labels it disturbing, vile, etc.. Hillary Clinton's exaggeration about Bosnia is no longer in the news, O'Reilly reminds us, but the Pennsylvania polls show a tightening race and if she loses there, she's finished. O'Reilly concluded Obama has "weathered his 'storm'" better than Clinton has hers. Why is that?

The "no-spin" guy states that it all comes down to likeability (because all he deals in are facts). You may recall that Bush was regularly annointed more likeable over John Kerry; we see how well that worked out. And Huckabee's likeability was what supposedly propelled him to the top of the heap late last year, at least according to FOX.
So which non-issue is more important? Bill O'Reilly wants viewers to vote for "which gaffe was worse?" at his website (after cuing them that he thinks the Wright story has more national importance).

Obviously, said O'Reilly,McCain is the big winner. (It helps that the media has mostly glossed over his four-time "error" in connecting Iran and Al Qaeda. Do you think if that was hammered for three weeks people might start to worry about whether he is deliberately warmongering, or simply going daft? Damn that liberal media!)

The Top Story (video below) discussed and analyzed and opined yet more, with guests Julian Epstein (Clinton supporter) and Sarah Flowers, who favors Obama. Is there anyone who hasn't been on O'Reilly to put in their two cents?

I've been incommunicado for the better part of a week; surely something new and important has happened. But no, on FOX it's still drill, drill, drill. If they keep this up we can all turn off our teevees this summer and get outside.