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Neo-Nazi Sympathizer Sean Hannity Race Baits Obama Again

Reported by Ellen - April 1, 2008 -

Sean Hannity still hasn’t come clean about his relationship with Neo-Nazi/white supremacist Hal Turner. Nor has his program director at WABC, Phil Boyce, responded to our challenge that he put forth audio to support his claim that Hannity was repulsed by Turner’s racist rants. In fact, the evidence continues to confirm that Hannity offered Turner a regular forum in which to spout his views. In keeping with that picture, Hannity, out of nowhere and apropos of nothing related to the discussion at hand during last night's (3/31/08) Hannity & Colmes, leapt at the chance to suggest that Obama is a black racist yet again. With video.

It was another night of “fair and balanced” election coverage on Hannity & Colmes with nearly every segment devoted to critiques of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton by a predominantly Republican lineup. Karl Rove, still undisclosed as a John McCain advisor, was once again given the top two segments to pose as an impartial analyst of the Democratic race who just happened to toss in a number of insults toward Democrats and compliments to Republicans along the way.

Naturally, there was no coverage of President Bush getting loudly and protractedly booed at the Washington Nationals game.

The show has persistently ignored the bad news coming out of Iraq in favor of attacking Obama over and over. This time, it was for his statement that he didn’t want his daughter “punished” with a baby or STD due to ignorance about contraception and safe sex. “That is a DAMAGING statement,” Hannity said with bullyboy glee.

Then, out of nowhere, Hannity changed the subject to Obama's pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright. It was no surprise to those of us who are familiar with Hannity’s obsession with smearing African Americans. Hannity said to Mike Allen of Politico.com. “Let me bring up the point that you, you at Politico had broke the story about his changing positions on his liberalism. One of the questions that came up in the Rev. Wright controversy is whether or not he was being honest, his truthfulness, his veracity, his judgment. And whether or not he was hiding his real views. You know, after 20 years, did he really not know? Does he perhaps, maybe have more agreement with those views than he is letting on?” (my emphasis) This is the third time that Hannity has baselessly suggested this about Obama.

Alan Colmes was clearly fed up with the Obama bashing. He said to the Democratic guest, “We know when (Obama) talked about that abortion issue, when he talked about being punished with a baby, Jane Fleming Kleeb, that he was saying, ‘Look, if a woman can’t afford it, can’t provide a decent household, is not ready to be a mother, there has to be an ability for a family to make one’s own decision.’ …That’s what he was saying and people don’t want to acknowledge it is a very difficult and very personal choice that should not be a choice made by the government and that’s what Barack Obama was talking about.” (Props to Colmes for shutting up Hannity by telling him to “Stop moaning and let me get this point out.”)

Kleeb, a News Hounds top dog, was as excellent as ever (and she looked beautiful, too) as she said that there’s a need for the two sides of the abortion issue to stop demonizing each other and come together in order to reduce unwanted pregnancies.

Kellyanne Conway, her hair a darker shade than usual, was as snotty as ever. “That’s changing the subject,” she disingenuously said.

Oops, the music signaled that Colmes’ time was up, even though it was just a little more than a minute after he began. Hannity got more than three minutes.