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Neil Cavuto's Audience Must Be Really, Really Stupid (Or Cavuto Hopes to Make them So)

Reported by Melanie - April 1, 2008 -

Boy, talk about dumbing down. Fox's "business news" guy, Neil Cavuto, said two things today (April 1, 2008) that jumped out at me. Either Cavuto has absolutely no respect whatsoever for the intellect of his audience, Fox is dumbing down the dumbing down, or maybe it has internal data telling it that its audience really is stupid.

The first incident was at the opening. The Dow was up almost 395 points today so of course Cavuto lead with a FOX NEWS ALERT, a shot of "the big board" and he proceeded to jump up and down about how it wasn't a — "no foolin'" — April Fool's joke. He said, "The Dow, as you can see their at I-N-D-U, up 392.25..."

Here's a picture of a portion of "the big board." The number next to the initials, "INDU," indicates the movement on the Dow Jones Industrial Average on any given day. The "INDP " number indicates where the Dow as a whole sits. Does Fox's "business news" audience really need this explained to them? If so, isn't that the most damming evidence yet that "Your World w/Neil Cavuto" is not, let's admit it Fox!, a business news show?

If that isn't enough, the second incident took place during a discussion captioned, "New Foreclosure Bailout: Do Homeowners Really Need it?" Guest Floyd Brown, identified simply as a "real estate investor," was talking about how we got into this mess: "We agree in the fact that the government made this mess. They clearly, ah, helped foster it. I think Alan Greenspan kept, ah, rates too low after the 2001 recession and ah, and that caused way too much liquidity to flow into the markets..."

Cavuto interrupted: "Well, speak English."

What? Was what Brown said like, ah, I dunno, er, too complicated for Cavuto's audience? Was it the word "foster?" "Rates?" "Liquidity?" Again, if Brown's comment was over the head of Cavuto's audience, what the heck kind of "business news" show is his anyway? What the heck kind of ordinary, everyday show is it? Next thing you know, Cavuto will stand before a monitor with a pointer: This is the bad guy, a typical homeowner. This is the good guy, a typical banker. Repeat after me class...