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Kilmeade conflates personal questions with discussion of Bush policy, Clinton impeachment

Reported by Chrish - April 1, 2008 -

Chelsea Clinton's admonishment to a questioner at a NC campaign stop that her family's personal dealings vis a vis the Monica Lewinsky affair were "none of your business" were (of course) a topic on this morning's FOX and Friends First - and if I know my FOX, it will be an ongoing topic today 4/1/08. Anything that reminds voters of Bill CLinton's infidelities is good "news" on the faux news network.
With video.

Chelsea added to the young man, who apparently left in a huff when she told him it was NOYB, that he shouldn't vote for or against her mother based on what her father did. Kilmeade asserted that the student "followed up" and didn't let her off the hook, but the clip that ostensibly illustrated that was merely him talking to a reporter outside the venue, where he opined that (Bill) Clinton's primary duty was to be "chief citizen." That's a new one.

Hosts Alisyn Camerota and Brian Kilmeade disagreed (!!) on whether it's legitimate to ask Chelsea about it. Camerota adamantly maintained that children should not have to justify parents' sexual behavior, although she thinks it's OK to ask Hillary about her perspective. Brian Kilmeade (in his usual garbled way) insisted that people want to know what he's going to be doing if she's President. If we're going to be talking about policy, let's talk about impeachment! That reflects on his administration. Camerota insisted that Chelsea's dad's sex life is not policy - but it's OK to question Hillary about it and pass judgment on her choice to stay married to Bill. Kilmeade tried to conflate Chelsea talking about Bush's policies to asking her about Lewinsky but as usual, he made no sense, just a lot of noise. Stick to sports.