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Hitchens Says Hillary Doesn't Deserve To Be President

Reported by Donna - April 1, 2008 -

http://www.slate.com/id/2135499/As usual, today, there was plenty of news about Hillary and Obama, nothing about John McCain. There is either good news about John McCain or no news at all, so we can already see how fair and balanced they are.

Instead we got to hear from the ultimate President Bill Clinton hater, Christopher Hitchens on. He's easily spread that hate to Hillary Clinton, but include Bill, too.

What other way to diss the Clintons than to have the ultimate Bill Clinton hater, Christopher Hitchens on? The story was supposed to be about Hillary and Bosnia (Comment: Yes, they're still talking about it on Fox.)

He talked about there being two lies and said that one was 'I can't recall', like Bosnia. He said the second one about Yugoslavia when she said they were a little too late to help was an example of the 2nd one because she wanted to get her healthcare through.

He said this is why Hillary was not deserving of being president and this is the deep price she should pay for telling these lies. He called Hillary a liar and and her plan evil even though he agreed with Smith that Clinton eventually did help out in Yugoslavia.

At the end of the segment on Hillary, Hitchens grabbed the time to get a real diss in on the former president, who the segment wasn't about. He asked Smith why, when they did refer to President Clinton (Comment: Only, of course, he didn't refer to him as President Clinton but 'her husband') they didn't refer to him as the "disbarred, perjured, impeached, lawyer?" He wanted to know why they didn't say that every time on Fox. Hitchens also said that Bill had taught Hillary to lie.

Shepard Smith said they were a little off base and laughed a little.

Comment: Well, that was fair and balanced? I'm sure there are McCain haters out there (and they know what Christopher Hitchens is going to say) they could have gotten to lay out the mistakes that McCain has most assuredly has made over his long life time.