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Get Down In The Dirt With FOX's Election Headquarters

Reported by Deborah - April 1, 2008 -

The daily dirt on FOX News gets previewed in the morning on Fox and Friends and then viewers get another hit of the same mudslinging at 5 PM with Bill Hemmer and Megyn Kelly who really seem to enjoy demeaning Democrats. Twice today Megyn Kelly was overcome with the cringe factor complaining that the dirt was "uncomfortable to watch" but her excited smile showed she was having great fun.

The first thing that Kelly found " uncomfortable to watch" was a segment about Hillary Clinton comparing herself to Rocky while giving a speech in Philadelphia. Maybe it was the screen shot of Hillary next to Rocky or all those cracks about Rocky losing to Apollo Creed. Clinton was trying to tell Philly voters that she wouldn't give up like Rocky, a Philadelphia icon. It wasn't an inappropriate comparison for a crowd in Philly but Kelly and Hemmer found it endlessly amusing . Kelly even made fun of Clinton's plan to eat a steak sandwich at another landmark, Gino's Steaks.

Later, Kirsten Powers and Ed Rollins came on to talk about Chelsea Clinton. The same story from F&F was repeated with an extra long clip of Monica Lewinsky thrown in for optimum effect.

Kelly asked them, " What's up" with Chelsea getting "peppered". Ed Rollins strongly defended and praised Chelsea saying she did "extremely well" adding that the Clintons did a good job raising her Rollins thought Chelsea Clinton was " extraordinary". This might not have been the response expected from Huckabee's campaign manager.

Kirsten Powers thought the questions were totally inappropriate and was astonished that kids would ask them. Annoyed at Kelly, Powers suggested that she should ask the question next time. Then Powers asked Kelly how she would feel if someone asked about your parents affair in public? Kelly had no answer. (It appears that putting herself in another's place is not her strong suit.)

Megyn Kelly, not unlike Rocky Balboa, wouldn't quit when she found out there would be no Chelsea bashing from the pair. She asked to be the "devils advocate" trying to prove that asking Chelsea about Monica was appropriate and necessary.

Then she outed FOX by wondering if Chelsea's "short terse" responses are hurting the campaign adding " that's all we show. Is it damaging?" ( You hope so, I'm sure)