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FOX Truth finding segment dices ad to omit bad news about McCain

Reported by Chrish - April 1, 2008 -

Bill Adair of politifact.com was a guest this morning 4/1/08 on FOX and Friends First. His site analyzes ads, emails, and public claims made by and about the presidential candidates and grades them on the "Truthometer." Today an ad by the Campaign to Defend America was butchered to show that the "McSame" video is untrue - but it's not.
With video.

Adair verbally told the audience that the ad was in segments and that while the part used on FOX was found to be false, the rest of the ad needed to be looked at item by item. But FOX only showed the one segment, 25% of the ad, that was found to be inaccurate (and I'm sure you can find an argument that it IS accurate), while the other three issues, 75% of the ad, were found to be true - McCain does hold the same views as Bush. Additionally, another ad from VoteVets.org along the same lines was also found to be true.

Leading the segment were findings that an email sent "by Obama supporters" that claims Obama wrote and sponsored more bills in 3 years in the Senate than Hillary Clinton did in seven, is false. They find the comparison to be apples and oranges; details here.

The next to be addressed was a statement by Bill Clinton regarding Obama's taking money from lobbyists and PAC's, which, while the numbers were comparatively small, was nonetheless true.

Both these finding reflected poorly on Obama.

When it came to McCain, the findings that it's true that he is McSame as Bush in important policy areas was dismissed by host Camerota with a "gotcha", leaving only the finding that he differs from Bush on energy policy to taint the entire video/ad.

This segment was purposely unfair and unbalanced, as the producers could have chosen other findings from the website to each candidate's benefit or detriment.