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Fox Pimps McCain?

Reported by Chrish - April 1, 2008 -

Guest blogged by Priscilla

One of our readers recently suggested that a topic for discussion could be guessing the memo which FOX management sends to its staffers on a daily basis. My guess for yesterday (March 31st) is that they were told to emphasize how the Democrats (in this case Barack Obama) are distorting what McCain has said regarding the 100 years in Iraq.

“Campaign Carl" Cameron got in some campaigning for McCain with commentary about McCain’s “biographical” tour which seeks to cast “past as prelude to McCain’s becoming the Commander-In-Chief.” As we know, the tour highlights McCain’s military experience and family ties to the military. McCain was shown talking about a distant relative’s service in General Washington’s army. (Comment: it would appear that some of them were slave-owners, too!)

Cameron then said that McCain’s attempt to reveal his views has been met with a “swipe” from Barack Obama. He played Obama’s recent comments, at a truck stop, in Lititz Pennsylvania when Obama said that he would not criticize McCain for being a patriot because he is a war hero; but that he (Obama) would “challenge him on his proposals on Iraq.” Cameron then explained that Obama has accused McCain of “wanting another century of war in Iraq” and showed a clip of Obama making that point at an indoor rally. Cameron did not show what Obama said in Lititz, to the question of whether he was being unfair, which was more nuanced: “I don’t think it’s unfair at all. John McCain, I mean we can run the YouTube spot, has said that we will stay there as long as it takes and if it takes another 100 years he’s up for that commitment, and that implies that there is some criteria by which we would understand how long it takes. John McCain has not been clear about what exactly would lead him to decide its time to pullout.” Cameron commented that “McCain has never said he wants war and has never advocated 100 more years of war making in Iraq” and then played thishttp://youtube.com/watch?v=VFknKVjuyNk You Tube of McCain’s 100 year comments which talked about how he didn’t care if we stayed in Iraq for 100 years as long as there are no casualties.

Cameron went to comment about how FactCheck.Org claims that the DNC’s interpretation of McCain’s comment regarding the “100 year war” is “distorted.” Cameron showed a reporter asking Obama if McCain had meant that the US would leave troops in Iraq in the same way that they are in Germany and Japan. Obama’s response was played: We’ve been in South Korea for for 50 years and he’s used that as an example as George Bush has, and that is decades. We’re spending 10 billion dollars a month in Iraq right now. Which means that John McCain is willing to sign up for the prospect of spending as much as $150 billion or more each year for who knows how long. That is something that the US can’t afford and I think that is going to be a debate we are going to have in the general election should I be the nominee.” Cameron then said that McCain’s backers say that this is proof that Obama has been twisting McCain’s words for as much as three months. (Comment: McCain says “a greater military commitment now is necessary if we are to achieve long-term success in Iraq.” Obama questions the practicality of that approach and that’s considered “twisting?”)

As a follow up to “theme” of Special Report, Hume’s first question to the panel, after commentary on superdelegate problems facing the Democrats, was “in addition, they’re still saying that McCain wants to carry on this war for a 100 years.” Instead of discussing how many casualties and billions of dollars will be spent before there are no casualties and Iraq turns into Germany, Mort Kondracke said that “this is a total canard” and “misrepresentation” which has been “refuted vigorously.” The topic then turned elsewhere.

Comment: Memo on Fox message for the day: McCain doesn’t want a 100 year war and that any discussion of what is entailed in “victory” is to be avoided. My question is if we don’t achieve this victory, there will be who knows how many more casualties and how many more years of war? McCain and Fox have some 'splaining to do!

Guest blogged by Priscilla