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Fox Keeps Up Variations Of The 'Some People Say' Only They Direct It At Hillary

Reported by Donna - March 31, 2008 -

Today on Fox and Friends they kept up the 'some people say' gimmick that they have used so often in the past and continued to use it today.

Alyson Camerota started it by saying, "A lot of top Democrats want Hillary to drop out of the race, but can they force her to quit?"

The Banner said, 'Stay or Go? Force Hillary Out'

Later on in the segment they had Kilmeade saying, "Democrats were really turning up the heat on Hillary but could they really get her out of the race as they wish?"

Right after this they had Gretchen Carlson interview Cathy Lasry who is a Hillary Clinton supporter and asked her if she wanted anyone to drop out of the race. Ms. Lasry said "No", she didn't want anyone to drop out of the race. She didn't want Obama dropping out and she didn't want Hillary dropping out, she wanted to see the Democratic process carried out.

Comment: So, in two segments of Fox and Friends they had 'top Democrats', 'they', who wanted to Hillary to drop out (no names mentioned) and one Hillary supporter who said she didn't want either one to drop out. You would think by now that Fox would stop using the 'some people say' tactic since they've been called on it so many times.

Will it be Barack that they diss tomorrow or will they stick with Hillary, because we know it won't be John McCain.