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Fox Frets About "Your Tax Dollars" (But Only When Democrats are Spending Them)

Reported by Melanie - March 31, 2008 -

Proving what a farce his "business news" show is, Neil Cavuto, Fox's "premiere business news" guy opened today (March 31, 2008) not with news about what happened on Wall Street or Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson's plan to overhaul the banking system, but with nearly two-month-old news about Barack Obama's energy proposals.

Yes, the station that claims it is the place to go for politics was apparently in need of fresh Obama-bashing material so it decided to pay attention to something Obama has been talking about for a long, long time, namely his energy plan, which he spoke about again in Pennsylvania today.

Yes, Mr. Fox Business News opened his show with a FOX NEWS ALERT and video of Obama speaking: "That's why I propose investing $150 billion over the next decade in a green energy sector that will create up to 5 million jobs including many right here in Pennsylvania."

Then to a grim-faced Cavuto:

Alright. You heard that figure: 150 billion bucks. Barack Obama pulling out all the stops at this Pennsylvania pit stop earlier today detailing that considerable chunk of change to the billions more he plans to spend to get the economy going and gas prices declining. Now, at issue, how the heck he's going to pay for all of this.

Then to reporter Terry Keenan: "It is a lot of money," and the Democratic candidate "attacked not only big oil but his likely opponent." To more video of Obama's remarks today: "This is an area where John McCain is offering a third George Bush term."

Back to Keenan: "This promise of $2.59 gasoline comes at a very heavy price" as the "Illinois senator proposes a massive $150 billion investment in clean energy. Now that's about 40% of of the entire US military budget right now," and a "spending tsunami that does not sit well with most economists as the economy tetters on the brink of recession."

(Fox followed this segment with one featuring two guests (what passes as "fair and balanced" on Fox), Republican Strategist Edwina Roberts and Phil Flynn of Alaron Trading, both of whom were against Obama's plan -- it might push the US into a recession. Unbelievable.)

Comment: Par for the course, Keenan didn't name one -- not one -- of the "most economists" who disagree with Obama's proposal. Nor did she remind viewers that Obama's plan stretches over a decade yet we're spending $15 billion per month in Iraq. Multiply that by a decade, a mere tenth of the time John McCain wants to fight, die and kill there, and voila -- $1.8 trillion dollars. Why isn't Fox asking McCain how he's gonna pay for that?!

And were is Cavuto's outrage -- three segments a day for a three weeks, like his "outrage" over Reverend Jeremiah Wright -- about the billions and billions of "your tax dollars" the Bush-appointed Fed is giving to private banks?

And as for Paulson's "historic banking overhaul plan" (Fox's description), how about ten day's worth of headlines like, Paulson's Plan is DOA, or Troubled by Paulson's Plan, or State Insurance Overseers Slam Paulson Revamp Plan? Sounds to me like some economists (I won't go so far as to say "most economists" because I might have to answer for it, unlike Fox) aren't very happy about that horriffic mess either.

"Fair and balanced?" My yass. Don't get me started as to what Fox doesn't cover.