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Bill O'Reilly Speculates About Al Gore Without Acknowledging Gore's Chosen Mission

Reported by Deborah - March 31, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly would rather feed the idea of Democratic chaos with Al Gore speculation than focus on some real issues like, for instance, the global climate crisis. After an article by Joe Klein, 3/26/08, provocatively titled "Is Al Gore the Answer", the speculation got started. 3/31/08

O'Reilly's Top Story, 3/27/08, was tagged "The Gore Factor" even though Al Gore has said numerous times that he won't run because he's too busy raising global awareness of the climate crisis. Patricia Murphy, political blogger, joined John Kasich to add another component to the picture of Democratic chaos promoted by FOX News. Murphy opened with the perfect line."The last thing the Democrats need, is another candidate."Both acknowledged that Gore probably wouldn't run but it gave them another opportunity to discuss Democratic conflicts.

Then Kasich stoked the fire a bit speculating that Gore would have a lot of support."Gore was the first Democrat who really took on Bush on the war in Iraq, and there was tremendous enthusiasm for him to enter the race. Within the base of the Democratic Party, Al Gore could be met with real enthusiasm." ( Kasich didn't discuss the work that has taken Gore's focus away from politics)

Last night, 3/30/08, Al Gore in an interview ,by Leslie Stahl, on 60 Minutes announced a huge advertising campaign he's launching to try once again to get the attention needed to solve the escalating climate crisis. Each ad will have unlikely pairs like Al Sharpton and Pat Robertson and Nancy Pelosi with Newt Gingrich to show how this is a non partisan and non political problem that affects everyone. Gore also revealed that he had contributed his Nobel Prize money and matched it with personal funds to get the project going.

Tonight, 3/31/08, O'Reilly included Al Gore in his Body Language segment showing a clip from 60 Minutes when Stahl asked him if he was going to run. Gore said "I doubt very seriously" that I will ever be a candidate again. O'Reilly and Reiman concluded that Gore was experiencing "emotional pain" and Tipper was angry at the prospect of him running.

comment: Isn't it sad that Bill O'Reilly could not acknowledge Al Gore's tenacity, dedication and accomplishment revealed in the interview? BOR just wouldn't allow himself to congratulate Gore for bringing adversaries together to work on a common cause. Instead he tried to paint him as a broken man in emotional pain when asked about the election.

Tomorrow night, O'Reilly announced a segment about a 12 yr old being forced to work as a stripper. I pray no photos are shown. Wouldn't it be more constructive to replace all the hot young babe segments with speculation about solving our global predicament? I guess his ratings are more important.