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Interesting Video Clip Glitch on FOX Election HQ

Reported by Deborah - March 29, 2008 -

Shannon Bream was almost fair and balanced during a discussion with Kevin Madden and Susan Estrich at 2:09 PM, 3/29/08. After the usual chat about Democratic conflicts, she reported a " love fest" between McCain and Romney but when she introduced a clip of the duo, Hillary Clinton appeared again. Rather than wait for the correct clip, she kept the Clinton video running asking the guests about the pressure for Hillary to drop out avoiding further speculation about McCain teaming up with Romney.

During the next segment Tony Perkins appeared to talk about McCain's need to court the evangelical vote. He was adamant about Obama not being their alternative choice adding that McCain needs to talk about the issues important to the evangelical voters. He noted that McCain's choice for his running mate will be a very important factor.

Bream then revealed the results of a FOX viewer poll asking which candidate would be least likely to get the evangelical vote. Over 60% voted Obama least likely, followed by McCain at around 25% and Clinton surprisingly enough, turned out to be the candidate of choice with only 11% voting her unlikely to get their vote.

comment. Was the missing clip of the McCain/Romney "love fest" just an innocent mistake? Maybe that's true but it sure was convenient considering Romney's flip flops on the evangelical issues.