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Sean Hannity: Buzzflash Media Putz Of The Week

Reported by Ellen - March 28, 2008 -

The good folks over at Buzzflash have given Sean Hannity this dishonor "For reporting that is an embarrassment to the profession of journalism, and for being beholden to corporate paymasters rather than the citizens of America."

Buzzflash has been following the recent news about Hannity's friendship with Neo-Nazi/white supremacist Hal Turner.

The citation from Buzzflash states:

It doesn't take Hal Turner to prove Hannity's bonafides as a well-groomed guy paid to stir up division among whites and minorities in America. That, in essence, is a key part of his job description: keep the white males angry at "them." And "them" is anybody who is not a white male.

It's a common tool of the wealthy -- and Hannity numbers himself among that group -- to divert class grievances by blaming the plight of the working class on minorities.

In that sense, Hannity is a master at what he does. That is why he gets paid so much for being a self-appointed "patriot" who never served a day in the armed services, and whose primary relationship to our national well-being appears to be his individual wealth. And for that, Hannity is once again the BuzzFlash Media Putz of the Week.

We couldn't have said it better, ourselves.