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Hannity Hypocritically Defends Obama

Reported by Ellen - March 28, 2008 -

Once again, FOX News trivialized Barack Obama’s candidacy by focusing on another distracting irrelevancy that also demeaned him. This time, it was an African American minister who trash talked Obama and his family. Sean Hannity “forgot” that he has smeared Obama as a black racist based on the views of his pastor. Now, Hannity insisted that Obama is a decent man with good intentions and that it’s not fair to attack his parents when he’s the one running for president. One has to wonder whether Hannity would have been such an advocate if he weren’t a) getting a lot of bad publicity over his former friendship with a Neo-Nazi/white supremacist and b) dealing with a black man attacking Obama. With video.

The segment opened with a blatant attempt by FOX News to link Manning with Obama’s pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, even though the two couldn’t be more different. Alan Colmes said in his scripted introduction, “Another fiery pastor is caught on tape causing trouble for Barack Obama. This time, Harlem minister James David Manning, whose YouTube broadcast captures him delivering some hate-filled sermons against the Illinois senator.”

So I guess the big connection is that they’re both passionate, opinionated African American preachers. Maybe that’s all that matters to FOX News.

The discussion opened with video of Manning preaching, “Obama pimps white women and black women… You didn’t notice him until he brought out those big-chested, white women with their tight tee shirts and their short pants. That’s what a pimp does! …I haven’t trashed Obama. His African in-heat father went a-whoring after a trashy white woman (the screen showed an inter-racial couple, presumably Obama’s parents, as the screen read, “Barack Hussein”). He was born trash!”

“So is the pulpit the proper place for such commentary?” Colmes read. Funny, how all the emphasis has been on black pulpits. I have yet to see a Hannity & Colmes discussion questioning the roles of John Hagee or Pat Robertson, for example.

One of Manning’s criteria for calling Obama "trash" was that he supposedly lied about how his parents met. Manning told Colmes, “Listen, Obama lied on his mother and his father by saying that they met at the Selma march, which is not true.”

But Obama’s website states that his parents met at the University of Hawaii where they were both students. So who’s lying now?

With melodramatic Hanctimony, Hannity yelled at Manning, “You’re a Christian and you’re calling him trash! You’re calling his mother a whore! …Pastor, this is unacceptable… This is not fair to Barack Obama!” Since when has Hannity ever cared about being fair to Obama? I can only conclude that Hannity must have decided in advance that he was going to put this segment in his “fair and balanced” scrapbook, to be used as evidence the next time someone called him a bigot.

With more hammy outrage, Hannity started yelling at Manning for attacking Obama’s family. “He’s running for president. It’s not his parents running for president!” Neither is his pastor but that hasn’t stopped Hannity from smearing him at every opportunity.

The suddenly fair-minded Hannity continued, “I disagree with Barack Obama, but I think he’s probably a good man who is wrong on his views but he has good intentions… He’s a human being. He deserves to be treated better.”

Oh, really? Then why did Hannity repeatedly suggest that Obama is racist and an anti-Semite? And why didn’t it bother Hannity when Ann Coulter called Obama “B. Hussein Obama” because it's funny? Hannity even called talk show host Bill Cunningham a “Great American” when he similarly emphasized Obama’s middle name. Then, Hannity disingenuously defended Cunningham's claim that its usage was designed to make Obama look presidential.

For extra dramatic flair, Hannity banged the desk. “Pastor, we are never gonna have good people run for office if this is how they’re treated.”