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Think Barack Obama’s Pastor Reflects Badly On Him? Take A Listen To Sean Hannity’s Former Neo-Nazi/White Supremacist Pal

Reported by Ellen - March 27, 2008 -

Neo-Nazi/white supremacist Hal Turner elaborated further on his webcast last night (3/26/08) about his past friendship with Sean Hannity. His description remained consistent with that laid out by Max Blumenthal in The Nation. Turner acknowledged he had previously made some mistakes about dates in his blog post on the subject but insisted that the framework of the relationship was as he described it. Turner was obviously miffed that Hannity had denied knowing him. As part of the proof that they had been friends, Turner recited the “back door” phone number he used to get directly on the air on WABC radio. Turner also tried to blackmail Hannity by offering to sell copies of tapes of their conversations for $100,000 or the exclusive rights for $250,000. To show you just what kind of guy he is, I've included a sample of Turner plotting white supremacist attacks with one of his listeners. Warning: It's very disturbing. With audio

Turner started off his broadcast talking about moi: “A leftist, liberal, Marxist wench calling herself Ellen, who’s probably, like, an ugly old hag and more probably than not a JEW.”

Turner supposedly struggled with the idea of going public about his friendship with Hannity. Turner made up his mind after realizing that Sean Hannity is now "a suck up to the Jews.”

As proof of his friendship with Hannity, Turner gave out the “back door number” he used at WABC to get straight on the air. The number is 212-613-3850. We have checked it and confirmed that the number goes straight to the host. I’ve also been in contact with a former employee of WABC who confirmed that there is such a system there. How would Turner know if he had not used it?

Over the past several days, Turner said he had sifted through “the hours and hours and hours of calls that I have recorded of me being a caller to various talk shows... Anytime that I spoke with Sean Hannity off the air, like while I was waiting on hold and there was a commercial break on WABC and he picked up my line during the commercial break, I have those conversations on tape.”

“Are you ready, folks at News Hounds and Huffington Post (which also posted about Turner)?” Turner asked.

He made his offer: “I will make available all of the tape recordings I have of telephone conversations between me and Sean Hannity… if I receive by Tuesday, April 15, tax day, if I receive $100,000 in donations, I don’t care if it’s a dollar each from the people who read the story on Huffington Post… I will air or make available in tape or CD or via internet download, all the conversations that I had taped with Sean Hannity.”

Turner promised the tapes would be worth it. “In my view, some of this stuff is exactly what you guys are looking for. Yeah, ohhh. Some of it is, I think, priceless.”

For those who might be interested in protecting Hannity, Turner said, “In addition, for those of you are kind of like deep pocket folks, if the $100,000 doesn’t come in or if you want to make sure that you’re the only one who gets these tapes, I am willing to sell my ownership of the tape, my copyright as a participant in the tape and the broadcast rights to all these tapes for a quarter of a million dollars.”

Turner continued, “There’s an awful lot of you out there who really hate Sean Hannity, and there’s an awful lot of you who really love the guy and want to make sure that perhaps a faux pas in the past won’t trip up his career. Here’s your chance. No negotiating.”

Later in the “n” word-laden show, Ned, from Clearwater, Florida called “on behalf of the white nationalist community.” Ned said that he’s done egging and other pranks but wants to know what the next step is for white nationalists.

Turner told Ned that skinhead groups must tap the wisdom of the elders such as himself. “We know how to utilize the law. We know how to commit crimes and not get caught. It is such a waste of talent to do small things like egging businesses and breaking windows when a much better thing to do would be to, let’s say, I don’t know, hypothetically, beat the shit out of a Congressman when he’s coming out of his office. Or grab up a federal judge or state judge and tune him up… Let guys like me point you in the right direction.”

Ned was thrilled with that advice. “Even if it’s just beating up a black guy. All of these skinheads are going to jail for no good reason. They should pick the best reason to go to jail.”

“That’s just it,” Turner said. I mean if I killed Daryle Lamont Jenkins from One People’s Project, they’re gonna put me in jail for the same amount of time as if I kill Frank Lautenberg, US Senator, so why not get the most bang for the buck. Now I’m not saying I’m gonna do either.”

Turner also helpfully suggested, “Wouldn’t it be better if they beat the shit out of Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton?”

“That would be the best,” Ned agreed.

“Because those guys, they’re not always surrounded by thousands of people,” Turner said. They’ve got to come and go from places where they’re alone… Wouldn’t it be a real social statement if somebody grabbed that fat-ass Al Sharpton and knocked the living shit out of him!”

Ned laughed

Turner continued, “While they were screaming ‘White power! White power! Sig Heil!’”

Ned laughed again. “This is stuff that really needs to go on,” he said.

There were similar threats made against Julian Bond as well as Morris Dees and Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Last night, on Hannity & Colmes, Hannity challenged Obama to prove which of his pastor’s sermons he had heard or not heard by submitting a list of dates he had attended church. We again urge Hannity to prove his claim that he rejected Turner's offensive calls by submitting audio of whatever call so offended Hannity that he banned Turner.

The quality of the audio below is not great but it was the best that I could get. I apologize for the the bit of background noise you hear occasionally. I did not realize that my recorder would pick it up.

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