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Repeat, Repeat, Repeat, Isn't There Any New News?

Reported by Donna - March 27, 2008 -

Today on Fox and Friends they did what they did all week long, repeat all the stories about Hillary and Obama (Comment: Negative, of course) and laid off John McCain.

They even managed to inject Rush Limbaugh's operation chaos again.

Yesterday and Tuesday I reported on how Fox and Friends beat to death the stories about Hillary's visit to Bosnia and Obama's former pastor and they continued the stories today.

Even though Hillary has already explained away that she was human and Barack has said he didn't agree with the pastors remarks, this remains a story on Fox and Friends.

They finally dabbled into John McCain but the worst they could say about him was he said he didn't agree with Rumsfeld but he "didn't ask him to resign." (Comment: It's like asking Bush if he ever made a mistake)

They even had Tony Snow on to say that these stories were going to go on forever.

Then they brought up Rush Limbaugh's operation chaos theory again and laughed about Rush supposedly getting 160,000 Republicans to change to Democrats in Pennsylvania. Hillary and Obama have also claimed they are the reason for the change. Gretchen Carlson said she thinks this is a felony and could come with a 5 year sentence. (Comments: Well, if Rush is involved it's not hard to imagine that a felony might come into play)

Comments: Same old, same old. The story is a constant on Fox and Friends. I also liked how they linkied up with Rush Limbaugh and got his story out there. I don't know if what Carlson said is true, but it would be fitting. What gets me is Bush beat McCain in 2000 by slinging mud about him, so there must be a bunch out there.