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Fox Reminds its Viewers About Rev. Jeremiah Wright Even When it's Totally Out of Context

Reported by Melanie - March 27, 2008 -

The third segment on You World w/Neil Cavuto today (March 27, 2008), way before Mr. Fox Business News got around to the 60-or-so seconds of business news he eventually reported, featured Gary Hart. Hart was on to talk about, per the opening chyron, "whether MI and FL votes should count."

Cavuto introduced Hart by saying that "the Clinton camp" is "not letting go of making Michigan and Florida" count, "today launching yet another attack on Obama's campaign saying, quote, they clearly don't think letting people participate in democracy is in their political interests." Cavuto said, "the Clinton camp claims the Democrats could wind up losing both states to the GOP" if votes in those states are not counted.

"What do you make of this whole battle?" Cavuto asked Hart.

Hart said if he "had to guess" he would predict that there will be delegates from "both Michigan and Florida" at the convention but whether they are "permitted, in violation of the rules, to determine the outcome, remains to be seen. I hope not." Hart said there "have been calls for party leaders to resolve this matter."

The segment was very brief — it lasted less than two minutes — and again, it was about Clinton's push to include the Michigan and Florida delegates. Got that? It was about Michigan and Florida delegates!

Most of the time Fox went to a triple screen that looked like the picture below, airing a shot of Hart, and video of Clinton and Obama on the stump.


But toward the end, the a-holes switched to a split screen that looked like this:


Comment: First, Fox makes this a fight between Clinton and Obama, highlighting the Clinton statement about Obama allegedly "not letting people participate in democracy." That doesn't make Obama look good now does it? Instead of doing the Clinton camp's bidding, Fox could clarify (I know, I'm dreaming) that in reality the Clinton camp is battling the Democratic party, which set the rules and which Clinton agreed to. But hey, why miss a chance to smear Obama, huh? And then Fox adds a whack upside the head by showing a picture of Obama and Rev. Jeremiah Wright, to add icing on the cake. That picture of Wright must be burned into the screens of the monitors at Fox News by now. Before we know it, they'll be showing it during the weather reports.