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Ed Schultz and Mike Gallagher Discuss Rush Limbaugh's Campaign Tactics

Reported by Deborah - March 27, 2008 -

Ed Schultz and Mike Gallagher appeared on The O'Reilly Factor tonight, 3/27/08 to talk about Rush Limbaugh's efforts to keep the Democratic chaos going by urging Republicans to vote for Clinton in Texas and Ohio. It seems the legality of his operation has been questioned in Ohio where this sort of crossover voting is considered voter fraud. Mike Gallagher was ecstatic over the possibility of Rush getting arrested and becoming a Republican martyr. with video

John Kasich,in for O'Reilly, found the situation amusing. Ed Schultz admitted that Limbaugh is an entertaining guy noting that election laws in Ohio are pretty vague. Commenting that the Clintons are quiet on the issue, he added that Obama has been making robo calls asking people to change parties to vote for him.

Kasich praised Limbaugh for being the " greatest tweaker" and asked Schultz about the calls from Clinton's campaign to super delegates that have been criticized for being too aggressive suggesting that voting for Obama would be political suicide. Gallagher's smug chuckles could be seen in the next block.

Gallagher gushed, "I pray dear lord, please let us see Republicans in shackles" because the Democrats would be exposed. Then he got carried away. " Let's hit them with rubber hoses".
"I Love it". Then he went off saying that one week Obama is lying about his pastor and the next week Hillary is lying.

This hit a nerve with Schultz and the conversation heated up. Gallagher's joy couldn't be contained declaring the Democratic chaos, " delightful". Kasich ended the segment telling Schultz that he ordered him an " Operation Chaos" T shirt.