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Fox & Friends Say Hillary May Have To Use The Tonya Harding Method To Win

Reported by Donna - March 26, 2008 -

Today on Fox and Friends it was the usual pump up the Republican and put down the Democrats.

They talked about Hillary having to use the 'Tonya Harding' method.

Later on they said that it came from Jack Tapper of ABC news who basically said Hillary had to break Obama's back. Doocy said that Tapper heard it from some Democrat in some high spot. (Comment: A new take on the 'some people say line?)

What made the story worse and unprofessional is Fox and Friends actually played the tape from Nancy Herrigan getting hit in the knee before the Olympics.

Before Tapper was even mentioned, Kilmeade said with a broad smile on his face that Hillary "may have to employ the Tonya Harding method."

Before this they had a few segments on Obama's tax returns. Kilmeade said he wanted to see Hillary's. Nothing about John McCain. The only news we got about John McCain is that he was endorsed by Nancy Reagan (Comment: surprise, surprise!)

Comments: Again we see the partiality of the Republicans over the Democrats. This is a constant day in and day out happening that won't stop. Yesterday they talked about the Bosnia incident, (which was covered by fellow News Hound, Chris, yesterday and today. (Comment: Bush and Cheney never did this!) Well, guess who else was talking about it? Yes, old Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh and his 'Operation Chaos' claims to be the one who upped the voter registry in Pennsylvania for Democrats by 160,000 through his operation so that people can vote for Hillary and there will be chaos and the Republicans will win.

Is this where Fox gets their news?