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Brent Bozell: Hillary Clinton Has Gotten A Pass From Media For Last 15 Years

Reported by Ellen - March 26, 2008 -

Hannity & Colmes continued with FOX News’ heavy duty coverage last night (3/25/08) of Hillary Clinton’s misstatement about her visit to Bosnia. Naturally, there was still plenty of time to bash Barack Obama, too. As for John McCain, he got a FOX News Alert that Nancy Reagan, widow of St. Ronnie, had just endorsed him. But all the anti-Hillary coverage has not been enough for Media Research Council’s Brent Bozell. He complained that she has gotten a pass in the media for the last 15 years. With video.

As usual, there was no guest to balance Bozell’s highly biased view of the media.

Alan Colmes started out the interview by asking, “Am I wrong to suggest you’re gonna say you think Hillary’s gotten a pass from the media in general during this campaign?”

Bozell answered, “No, I’m not gonna say that during this campaign. I’m gonna say for the last 15 years.”

He allowed as how “they have been somewhat tough on her” and tougher than he had expected during the campaign. He also allowed that coverage of her was more negative than that of Obama.

But not negative enough for Bozell. He added, “Interestingly enough, when the coverage is negative, though, it is overwhelmingly dealing with the horse race, who’s up, who’s down – and the fact that she’s not winning means she’s down and therefore the coverage is negative. But on the issues, there’s been very little coverage.”

So what kind of issues did he think needed to be covered? Not the candidates' take on the war in Iraq, not the fact that, as the Christian Science Monitor (no liberal rag) put it, “The Mahdi Army's seven-month-long cease-fire appears to have come undone” as battles have erupted across Iraq. Nor did Bozell mention the volatile economy, the state of American health care or even the nuclear missile parts the Pentagon mistakenly sent to Taiwan.

No, the issues Bozell found missing in the media coverage was the Bosnia story. “It’s a perfect example of this,” he said. His voice rising in indignation, Bozell added, “She came out a week ago and took a story, a line that she had said in December, and rather than clarifying it, she flat-out embellished.” He went on to complain that no reporters had verified her claim. Hint: Maybe because nobody else thought it very important!

An indignant Bozell said, “You guys were on top of it right away. FOX reported it. And yet the networks waited AN ENTIRE WEEK before they reported this.”

Meanwhile, despite the endless rehashing of Hillary’s Bosnia misstatement, there has been NO segment on Hannity & Colmes devoted to McCain’s gaffe in which he conflated Sunni Al Qaeda with Shiite Iran. Which one is more important? On FOX News, it’s anything that makes a Democrat look bad. So-called media watchdog Bozell didn't seem to care a fig.

Not surprisingly, Neo-Nazi pal Sean Hannity wasted little time before he moved on to start race-baiting over Barack Obama and his pastor. Maybe Hannity needed to change the subject because he can’t seem to talk very much without “embellishing” the truth, himself.

Hannity started banging his hand on the desk like a Soviet dictator in anger that the networks’ had not researched “the dates when (Obama) was in the pew and compared it to the sermons that were given by Wright to see if (Obama’s claim that he had not heard Wright's now-infamous remarks) is truthful and if there’s veracity involved here.”

How did Hannity know the networks are not already engaged in that very research? And, if it’s so important, why isn’t FOX News doing it? It’s not like they don’t have the resources.

Somehow, that possibility didn’t occur to Bozell.

Bozell went on to smear Obama with a false claim. With scorn, Bozell said, “Hey, Sean, how about this? Why not just read Barack Obama’s book? Because it tells a very different story than the speech he gave last week. Last week, he said he’s NEVER heard this guy make racist comments. Read the book! He talks about it! He quotes them in his own book!”

In fact, Obama did not say he had never heard his pastor make racist comments. Obama said he had not heard the pastor make the comments that have been excerpted and played endlessly on the news. Obama stated, “Did I ever hear (Pastor Wright) make remarks that could be considered controversial while I sat in church? Yes” He also said that there is much more to Wright’s message than what has been hyped on FOX News. A video of his entire sermon indicates the same thing.

But Bozell said, “(Wright’s) got a 20 year track record of vile hatred.” How does Bozell know? Has he been to the church? Because some who have agree with Obama. But arriving at a judgment prior to investigation seems to come naturally to Bozell.

Hannity could not contain his enthusiasm for attacking a black man as a racist. He yelled, “(The Audacity of Hope speech) has the words ‘white people’s greed’ in the sermon!” Never mind the context. Hannity’s implication was unmistakeable: that Obama didn’t just know that Wright hated whites, he agreed.

“(Obama) got it from (Wright),” Bozell concurred. “Of course, Obama had to know what this man was doing.”

Again, Obama said he knew that Wright had controversial views. He said that he looked to Wright for religious matters, not political ones. But there was no Obama supporter on the show to balance Hannity and Bozell.

By the way, Hannity still has not had the guts to debate Roland Martin, an eloquent and knowledgeable speaker about both Obama and his church.