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O'Reilly hammers Clinton's Bosnia statements - Part Two

Reported by Chrish - March 25, 2008 -

Following up his Talking Points Memo questioning Hillary Clinton's honesty and credibility, tonight 3/25/08 Bill O'Reilly brought on Col. David Hunt, who disputes the whole story and takes it as a personal affront to himself and the soldiers stationed in Bosnia at the time of her visit, and Lanny Davis, Clinton friend and former Special Counsel to Bill CLinton. The exchange got heated and O'Reilly half-heartedly tried to reign it in - but hey, the folks like the excitement, right?

Hunt is offended that Clinton is implying that the troops there were inadequate to the job of protecting her. O'Reilly said he didn't get that at all; he knows what she's doing, trying to inflate her commander-in-chiefiness, embellishing the speech. My favorite lines from Hunt: "If you want to be a leader, you don't embellish. ... Live on the record that you have." Once again, apply that to the current duhmander-in-chief. Suddenly the right cares about honesty and truthfuness?

Davis took offense at Hunt's strident accusations of lying, saying he didn't accuse John McCain of lying about Iran-Al Qaeda ties; he took him at his word that he misspoke, and Hunt should do the same for Hillary. Davis quoted a newspaper article that supported Clinton's claim that she was flying into a dangerous military zone on a (Blackhawk) helicopter.

There was some overtalking and O'Reilly jumped in to "debrief Lanny." He asserted that she would have remembered being shot at, as he and the Colonel have been, because of the adrenaline rush, "so it strains credulity to say that this was a simple misstatement." He'll cut her some slack for the first error, but the subsequent denials, well... Davis replied that he'll give all of them the benefit of the doubt, Clinton, McCain, Obama.... and O'Reilly interjected that McCain corrected himself on the spot (not quite; Joe Lieberman whispered in his ear first.) Davis replied that she clarified within 24 hours, and O'Reilly responded that it took a "big, big, brouhaha," again contradicting his earlier claim that the press was practically mum on it.

Hunt, asked why it matters, first said that she didn't come in on a helicopter at all, it was a C-17; the helicopter was later. Isn't it possible that he is talking about a different event than the one she's talking about? I've seen other reports that document and confirm a corkscrew helicopter landing. At issue seems to be the amount of immediate danger she was in, and whether she has exaggerated the danger to add heft to her foreign policy / military credentials.
O'Reilly disagreed with Hunt that she meant any insult to the troops. (He is taking it so personally because he was tactical adviser to the local c-in-c there and was responsible for coordinating this and all VIP trips into the area.) She's just "puffing herself up," said O'Reilly.

O'Reilly called Davis "crazy, with a big capital C," if he believes Clinton didn't deliberately lie after Sinbad came out and publicly contradicted her. Davis, clearly offended, referenced Reagan and welfare queens as another example of embellishment, and when Hunt interrupted him Davis responded with an in-your-face retort. From there it was so "exciting!" Hunt, who is second only to O'Reilly for thin-skinnedness, coudn't resist throwing some more verbal taunts, and O'Reilly bemusedly tried to wave them off. Hunt got the last cheap shot, for which Davis congratulated him.

Next up, Bernie Goldberg on the Clinton-Bosnia coverage, and later we'll hear from Dennis Miller on the Clinton-Bosnia scandal. Sorry, two segments is all I have stomach for.