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Hey, Cavuto, Relax (or Deal With it)

Reported by Melanie - March 25, 2008 -

Yesterday, during a segment asking if now is the time for Hillary Clinton to "bow out of the race," Fox's "business news" guy, Neil Cavuto, asked guest, liberal radio talk show host Stephanie Miller, whether it necessarily meant that a candidate was "damaged goods" if the selection process went on "into June, or even July, or even August."

Miller responded with, "Well, ya'd, ya'd like that at the Fox News wouldn't ya Neil?"

With that Cavuto jumped on Miller, asking her what she meant. She said she was talking about the media in general (who are obviously digging the hell out of the protracted Democratic race), but Cavuto took it personally and said no, you took "a swipe at Fox News."

How do you spell the sound of a crying baby? What's with the people at Fox? They react like this whenever anyone looks at them sideways. Must have a guilty conscience or else they're trying to teach people a lesson dammit!

Here's video:

Today (March 25, 2008), Cavuto continued his hissy fit by blasting Miller during his Common Sense or "analysis" segment, titled: "Bias in the Eyes of the Beholder." (Isn't that called stabbing someone in the back?) In it, Cavuto blew off and belittled Miller (natch — that's their MO after all and it applies to anyone from "the French" to antiwar protesters) and accused her of wanting to "brag to your like-minded friends you threw in a zinger..."

Comment: Last Friday, talk show host "Mancow" was on Cavuto's show. He trashed poor coffee servers at Starbucks whose tips were ripped off by managment to pay themselves. The standard rightie comment to that post was IT WAS A JOKE! So, hey, Cavuto, two can play that little game: IT WAS A JOKE! (Unless, that is, you want to set aside your bias and address the issue — that you guys are lovin' (and stoking) the fight, which is what Miller was saying.)