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FOX Drags Hillary Clinton Through Gutter Today on America's Election HQ

Reported by Deborah - March 25, 2008 -

America's Election HQ gave Hillary Clinton her turn today, 3/25/08, for a dip in their political sewer giving Barack Obama just a few sideline smears of sludge. Viewers got non stop speculation about the damage done by Clinton's Bosnia comment but also made sure to keep the conflict between Democratic candidates red hot while Republican guests rejoiced.

Tammy Bruce gets the gold star for sticking the knife in without speculation.She claimed the '92' campaign with Bill Clinton was about vision for the future. With Hillary, Bruce went on, it's a "matter of character." With Barack Obama it's about "what he knew." Bruce opined that if Clinton can make something up how can voters trust her adding the American people are tired of hearing lies.

Then they added a Monica Lewinsky reminder reporting on a question Chelsea Clinton got today while campaigning. A reporter asked her if she thought her mother's credibility was hurt by the Monica Lewinsky scandal. They showed a clip of Chelsea's response without even commenting that the reporter may have stepped over the line. Here's the AP story about the incident.

Douglas Kennedy added a story about the new governor of New York, David Paterson, admitting to cocaine and marijuana use in the late 70s when in his twenties. Kennedy announced that New Yorkers are saying " enough is enough" adding it's too much information for New Yorkers to process. According to a report from a Buffalo's WKBW, New Yorkers they contacted had a totally positive reaction to the Paterson's admission

On the Republican front, Megyn Kelly got all excited reported that Fred Thompson is going back to Hollywood and has signed with William Morris Agency to get back into acting. Kelly was enthusiastic about his choice praising his great acting ability and gushing about his old show Law & Order. She claimed she was really upset when he was running and there was speculation that the re-runs might be scrubbed. ( If Thompson were a Democrat returning to acting after a failed campaign, one wonders if the response would be the same)

Then they showed John McCain commenting that he was considering Condoleezza Rice as his running mate. That clip was just glossed over so they could spend more time promoting Democratic chaos and a Republican victory