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Whack!!! Smash!!! Kaboom!!! The Democrats Are Knocking Each Other Out According To Fox & Friends

Reported by Donna - March 24, 2008 -

All during today's Fox and Friend's Show, the trio bashed the Democrats over and over and it was just minor things. At the same time we got to hear how John McCain looked 'statesman-like' from the 'Liberal guest.'

For a little extra entertainment we had this happening on Fox & Friends on Friday when Brian Kilmeade walked off the set. Of course today he claimed it was all a joke but he did come back and have a fight with Chris Wallace.

The following was the coverage and the times are approximate but pretty close.

Camarota started off the show talking about the Democrats fighting more than ever.

Around 6:03 am est Kilmeade started talking about Carville calling Richardson, Judas. (Comments: Later on when they read what Carville said, he 'likened' the Judas action to what Richardson had done but he didn't call Richardson Judas) Then Camarota admitted, also, that he 'likened' him but later on in the show we had Carlson saying he called him Judas and it was spread out on the banner that Carville called Richardson Judas. (Comments: Watch closely, this is how they operate)

They then showed a video of Richardson saying that the Clinton's "think they have an entitlement to the presidency."

Around 6:05 am est, Kilmeade started talking about there "being more controversy on the Clinton/Obama front." Kilmeade said it was wonderful with Richardson on the stage and all the applause and this was a"body blow" for the Clinton campaign.

Around 6:07 am est Camerota started talking about how Bill Clinton said it would wonderful if these two (Hillary and McCain) ran against each other because they bothwere great Americans and they loved America. Then they said the Obama camp got upset and an Obama aide called Bill Clinton, McCarthy. (They showed the tape of this aide reading it later and the word McCarhy never came up from the aide) Again Camerota said he was "basically likening him to something McCarthy said."

This is when they get Kilmeade to raise his voice and say, "What's he saying, that Barack Obama isn't a good American?" Camerota said, that's not what he said. (Comment: But they got the thought in there) (Comment: In fact the McCarthy remark came out from a press statement by the Clinton spokesperson)

Around 6:09 am est Camerota said, "Was it any wonder that John McCain is seeing an uptick in the polls?" (Comment: Not with Fox & Friends bashing the Democrats - we're only up to 6:09 here!)

Around 6:10 am est they put this statement out from Howard Wolfson, Clinton Communications Director:

"I was struck by how little the Obama campaign is talking these days about hope or change, and how much they are engaged in an ongoing assault on Senator Clinton's character."

Around 6:12 Kilmeade said it was the fight of their political lives and "it's never been nastier."

From around 6:15 to 6:18 am est they had a segment with Republican Analyst Fred Barnes and (supposedly liberal), Ellen Ritner who basically agreed with Barnes about how this is hurting the Democrats. They brought the pair back around 6:23 until 6:25 am est with basically the same as the first segment. Then Kilmeade said (as if he was astonished), "How does the party bounce back after this?" (Comment: I don't know, Brian, it's little things and you're blowing them up, that must be the reason)

Then around 6:26 am est Camerota started talking about the "Barack Church Controversy", but it wasn't brought up again in the two hours I monitor it, 6 - 8 am est. They also talked about Judas on this Barnes/Ritner segment.

Around 6:32 am est they had reporter Kelly Wright on to talk about the numbers of the delegates which had Obama at 1622 and Hillary with 1485. He said Obama was on vacation until Wednesday and Hillary was giving a speech on economics in Pennsylvania. Kelly also remarked that Hillary is still in striking distance and the Obama slide appears over after the scandal with the Reverend. (Comments: Always bring the scandal word into it even if it's not one - another Fox trick) He also went over the whole McCarthy subject again. He said that the two candidates were "locked in an ugly and tenacious fight" while showing film footage of McCain and saying McCain was "working hard." (Yeah, I remember another guy working hard while people died)

I could go on and on, but suffice to say that they worked these angles again around 6:57 am est, 7:01 am est, 7:06, 7:09, 7:17, 7:18, 7:20.

Around 7:20 through 7:25 am est they brought on the ridiculous right wing radio host Mike Gallagher who went over all this with the Fox and Friends crew and then he said it was going to get worse and why is Obama taking a vacation? (Comments: Needless to say, our president takes tons of vacation time and there's a war on, remember?)

Around 7:33, 7:36, 7:38, 7:40. Around 7:41 am est Doocy revealed their secret plan (just kidding). But he said that the Democrats will be so upset that their candidate didn't make it that 20% of them would vote Republican. (Comment: With coverage like this we can see why you'd say that)

At 7:56 am est Carlson said that Obama and Richardson are fighting now. (Comment: I'm not sure what she meant by that statement because they went to a break)

At 7:59 am est Carlson talked about the name calling and attack dogs dishing out their worst.

Comments: So you can see, I'm not obsessing, but these three definately are(actually 4 - usually only 2 or 3 on the panel) The plan is to keep attacking both sides and getting the independents to vote Republican. At least I heard Chris Wallace got on their cases last Friday for obsessing about Obama, who is today leading in the daily poll, 48% to 45 %.

Bet you won't ask why we watch Fox so you don't have to!