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Not Done Yet: Fox Goes After the New Pastor of Barack Obama's Church

Reported by Melanie - March 24, 2008 -

One of the segment Fox's "premiere business news" guy, Neil Cavuto aired today (March 24, 2008) bashed the man who replaced Reverend Jeremiah Wright at Barack Obama's church, Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. (This is getting ridiculous.)

After a graphic that read, "Developing Now" (translation: Fox is trying to develop it into something now), Cavuto said,

Forget Reverend Wright. Now the new pastor of Senator Barack Obama's church is creating a firestorm after equating the media coverage of the Wright-Obama controversy to a public lynching.

To video of the pastor, who Cavuto never identified by name (it is Otis Moss III):

They searched out the young minister [the video looked like it was spliced here], showed up unannounced at their houses, tried to talk with their families, called up their friends, wanted to get a quote on how do you feel about the lynching?

Back to Cavuto: "Could this hurt Obama's campaign even further" (Fox sure hopes so!)

With that Cavuto introduced Republican strategist Andrea Tantaros and Democratic strategist Sarah Flowers. Flowers responded first, saying that this was all "a distraction" but "people are over it now" (not if Fox has its way) and they're turning their attention to the price of gas and the 4,000 soldiers who have died in Iraq.

Tantaros laid out what Fox is trying to accomplish with its obsession about this. She said at "the end of the day...the issue is judgment." And "this calls in question Barack Obama's judgment and if your judgment is in question, how are you going to handle these other issues?" As long as you're a "member of a church, I believe, that propagates racial resentment, you cannot claim that you want to move past race and talk about the real issues."

(My emphasis.)

During a good part of the segment Fox went to a triple screen showing a picture of Obama with Reverend Wright, and video of the new — unidentified — pastor giving a sermon.

Flowers said we should "look at his [Obama's] track record." She said she was sure there are thousands of people, using Catholics as an example, who don't agree with everything their priest says, but Cavuto would have none of that: "This comes back to an issue of character right? I mean, whether you buy someone who argues that the government deliberately planted the HIV virus in blacks [Cavuto switches to walk about Rev. Wright without telling the audience], I mean, that, that, that gets to more than oh, I slightly disagree with my priest, to my priest is a nut."

(And Fox pretends that the only editorializing Cavuto does is during his "Common Sense" segment.)

Flowers responded that millions of Catholics remained in the church after news broke about priests molesting children.

Tantaros wrapped it up by pointing out that "even a Fox News poll says that ⅓ of voters say that this does cast questions about his character." She said during the Wright scandal Obama's numbers "dropped 18% with Independents. That's the key issue."

Here's video of the entire segment:

Comment: That's the "key issue" all right, and precisely what Fox has been aiming at with this lynching, which I think is a perfect description. Fox "News" wants to turn Independents (and anyone else it can drag along) away from Obama. Period. (Pray tell it's going to be a long slog to November if every time Obama's pastor opens his mouth Fox News is there to pick apart every single word — which seems highly likely.)