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Job Growth Info on Fox's "Business News" Page is from November, '07

Reported by Melanie - March 23, 2008 -

One of the headlines on Neil Cavuto's website says, "Economy Sees Good Job Growth" (on the right, in the blue "Fox News Video" box). If you click on that headline you're taken to a video of a segment that appeared on Cavuto's show in early December, 2007. The cast members are discussing the November, 2007 jobs report; putting a happy face on a report that showed 94,000 jobs were created when the projection was for 100,000.

Three jobs reports have been issued since that segment aired, the most recent on March 7, 2008, showing a net loss of 63,000 jobs, the biggest decline since March 2003 and weaker than the revised 22,000 jobs lost in January. December's report was disappointing as well. Yet there, on the website of Fox's "premiere business news show," sits that headline — Economy Sees Good Job Growth — and behind it sits four-month-old news.

Comment: Cavuto forever complains that "the media" only reports the bad economic news because it wants to see Bush fail (as if he needs any help in that department). This, apparently, is his way around that.