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Bill O'Reilly, lobbying for Obama interview, misrepresents MediaMatters to bond with the candidate

Reported by Chrish - March 23, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly is so sympatico to Obama's raw deal with the media circus surrounding his pastor's controversial remarks. Why, MediaMatters took comments of his out of context to smear him and call him a racist. Or did they?

O'Reilly claims in his Talking Points Memo of Thursday 3/20/08 he had a "good conversation" with Obama's "communications guy" Bill Burton in an effort to get the Senator to appear on The Factor (for no other reason than to bump his ratings, of course...O'Reilly 's fans wouldn't vote for a liberal, "farleft" Democrat after years of indoctrination.) O'Reilly said that he's given Obama the benefit of the doubt ("and there have been those"), and now he's gone and said that his granny is a 'typical white person' who is mistrustful of strangers. But hey, nobody's perfect. (Note the giveth and taketh away tactic: first he says he's given the benefit of the doubt then he identifies the latest Swiftboating.) O'Reilly forgives it because "I do not believe Obama meant anything by it. He was trying to make a point. " Which is it? Meaningless, or making a point?

O'Reilly sympathized with that verbal gaffe, saying that MediaMatters made a huge deal of something similar that he said last September 19th on The Radio Factor:

"My grandmother on my mother's side, however, was prejudiced against blacks and I used to tell her, grandma, you do not know any black people. Have you ever spoken to a black person in your entire life? The answer was, no. She was afraid. She would watch the TV news, she would see all the perp walks, a lot of black faces and she was afraid of them.

And I said listen, grandma, I play on a football team and these black guys protect me. You know, without them, I would have five injuries, I've got two broken arms. I mean they're blocking for me, grandma. You do not want to say anything bad about them. We like them. They're good guys."

After that audio snippet, he claimed

"As you may remember, that conversation was taken completely out of context by the vile Media Matters outfit and some called me a racist. [It's] true! And just last night Chris Matthews misquoted that conversation because Matthews is too lazy to find out what was actually said. NBC News strikes again. So I have sympathy for Senator Obama in this race deal."

Bill, Bill, Bill. Taking something out of context looks like this:

"...some called me a racist. [It's] true! "
See, the meaning is changed. But MediaMatters posted transcripts and audio and merely pointed out that the sentences they highlighted (regarding his surprise at the normalcy at Sylvia's restaurant despite it being run and patronized by black people) were not the first instance of him saying something racially provocative; then they printed, with links to more video and audio, previous statements that could be seen as racially insensitive or even prejudiced.

O'Reilly concluded that Obama can only overcome the media bashing and the subsequent drop in poll numbers by appearing on his show to talk to "all the folks."

His vindictive and relentless smearing of his growing list of enemies shows him to be unfair and unbalanced (big time!), pushing his agenda night after night, and Obama would do well to stay away.