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After A Steady Diet Of Race-Baiting Against Obama, Hannity Pretends To Be Sad About Racial Divisions

Reported by Ellen - March 23, 2008 -

Is there anyone more disingenuous and hypocritical than Sean Hannity? I don’t think so. This defender of “n-word” using Duane “Dog” Chapman, this former pal of a white supremacist who has spent nearly every minute of air time in the past week attacking Barack Obama, this demagogue who twice suggested on national television, with no substantiating evidence, that Obama “could be” a black racist, presented imself on Friday night’s (3/21/08) Hannity & Colmes as someone concerned about racial divisiveness. Then he bragged about his Christianity. With video.

Hannity is supremely sensitive to any whiff of bias coming from African Americans and yet he leaps to the defense of almost any bigotry coming from a white person. In the ‘90’s, he was palsy with white supremacist/neo Nazi Hal Turner.

So it’s no surprise that Hannity has been frothing at the mouth with attacks on Barack Obama at every opportunity.

But where did he get the nerve to say the following about the Obama controversy on national television? “There’s a part of me that’s sad about this, Bob (Beckel, a Democratic spokesperson). This is not good for race relations in this country. This exacerbates the divide that I don’t think has been healthy with Democrats attacking a president at war. This is harmful on a lot of levels.

… I’ll throw out an offer for you, Bob, and I mean this sincerely. If Rev. Wright, if any pastor that doesn’t like the fact that I have accurately played and highlighted (Obama’s) pastor of 20 years, I will be glad to meet with them and go to church because I’m a Christian, too.”

Props to Beckel who debunked every one of Susan “I slobber over conservatives” Estrich’s Republican talking points. It’s too bad Beckel caved at the end to Hannity, instead of calling him out on his tactics, as Republican Jack Kemp did.