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Mort Kondracke Calls Jeremiah Wright "Black Bigot"

Reported by Deborah - March 22, 2008 -

The Beltway Boys wrapped up the week for FOX News with an unrestrained attack on Barack Obama. The opening tease for the Obama story was " Too little, too late" followed with Mort Kondracke's comment , "Jeremiah Wright turned out to be a black bigot." Kondracke and Fred Barnes then moved in to deliver their weekly message for FOX and Republicans. 3/22/08

Kondracke complained that there was no instance where Obama complained about Wright ,"let alone left the church", He went on to note that Obama promises to unite but stays in a church, twenty years, " based on black resentment." Then he bemoaned Obama's "liberalism" and "populism".(major sins for the B Boys)

Fred Barnes took his turn. Acknowledging that he's " not immune to the power of his speeches", Barnes repeated the same talking points about leaving the church and poor judgment. " Sitting on the pews for twenty years. Twenty years of bad judgment", Barnes opined.

Then Barnes wondered if " this flap" will cause the super delegates to abandon him? The polls came out at this point to show viewers how voters have turned away from Obama since the videos came out followed by the chances for Hillary to still win the nomination. The barrage ended with a cheerful musing from one of them, " A gift for McCain."