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Jack Kemp Fed Up With Hannity’s Ad Hominem Attacks On Obama

Reported by Ellen - March 22, 2008 -

Hannity & Colmes spent all but the last segment of its show last night (3/21/08) attacking Barack Obama. Sean Hannity, who has yet to renounce his own past association with neo-Nazi Hal Turner, was so obsessed with making Obama out to be a militant racist that he (Hannity) turned the first two segments that were supposed to be about the candidacy of John McCain into attack sessions against Obama. McCain spokesman Jack Kemp was obviously annoyed, repeatedly tried to change the subject and wound up defending Obama more vigorously than either of the Democratic co-hosts substituting for Alan Colmes this week. With video.

While Kemp sounded more like an Obama supporter than substitute co-host Susan Estrich, Estrich sounded more like a McCain supporter than a Democrat. She not only avoided mentioning McCain’s recent gaffe in which he conflated Sunni Al Qaeda with Shiite Iran, she conveniently spun it for him as a senior moment. “What about the age issue?” Estrich asked Kemp. “What about the fear I’ve heard from some Republicans that if he has a quote, senior moment, that is if he has a moment like you and Sean and I probably have every now and again – I have ‘em all the time where I just can’t, (laughed) you know, can’t remember what day it is and where I’m going, but if that happens to John McCain, you and I both know the press will be ALL over him with the ‘Is he too old?’ issue.”

In fact, the press has not been all over him. The issue, which goes right to the heart of McCain’s campaign platform that he is the best candidate on foreign policy and the war on terror, has not even been mentioned on Hannity & Colmes which has focused almost entirely on Obama’s pastor for a full week.

In Part 1 of his go-round with Kemp (not included in the video below), Hannity almost immediately jumped away from a discussion about McCain in favor of one attacking Obama over his pastor. Kemp had sighed (as he would many times during the interview), and said, “I don’t blame Bill Buckley for defending Joe McCarthy.” Hannity ignored that point, then went right back to attacking Obama as though Kemp had not said it.

Now, in Part 2, Hannity agreed with Kemp’s answer to Estrich that McCain was youthful, then quickly reverted to talking about Obama and his pastor, “because this is really important here.” Hannity added, “You seem willing to give Barack Obama a pass that I’m not willing to give him.”

Kemp sighed loudly again. After arguing Obama’s side, he sighed yet again. “Sean, I can’t do this every night with you… I think he’s denounced it. I disagree with so many of his positions.” Then, after Kemp tried to highlight the differences he has with Obama over policy, Hannity interrupted to race-bait again.

Kemp told him, “I don’t want to stay on ad hominem arguments all night.”

Hannity, the king of disingenuousness, said, “No, I don’t want an ad hominem argument here.” But he wasted no time before trying to paint Obama as a black militant racist. “If he really didn’t know his pastor had these associations with Farrakhan...” In reality, Obama said that he had not heard his pastor make the statements in the videos that have been played ad nauseum on FOX News and elsewhere. He did not say he was unaware of Wright’s association with Farrakhan. Hannity continued, “We discovered and broke the story last night that (Obama is) friends with another pastor who has used the ‘n’ word repeatedly (this from a man who leapt to the defense of Duane “Dog” Chapman), and talked about the mayor of Chicago as the slave master. “I’m very hard pressed to think that maybe he may have some agreement with this which is a scary scenario for a president.” (my emphasis)

Kemp said, “I don’t think he does. He’s in a tight spot ‘cause he’s got to answer this again and again and again, particularly in the general. Having said that, I told you on your radio show last week that I hoped that if he is defeated, it’s on the basis of bad economic policy, raising taxes, waving a white flag to our enemy in the Middle East and things like that. Not what Pastor Wright said.”

You can contact Hannity (and don't forget to ask him about Hal Turner) at hannity@foxnews.com and FOX News at comments@foxnews.com.