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Susan Estrich: Every Woman I Know Gets Nervous When She Sees An 18-25 Year-Old Black Guy Dressed In Gang Attire Walking Behind Her On The Street

Reported by Ellen - March 21, 2008 -

Oh, the FOX News double standard! When substitute co-host Susan Estrich made the above statement on last night’s (3/20/08) Hannity & Colmes, nobody minded a bit. But when Sean Hannity, the former pal of neo-Nazi Hal Turner, quoted Barack Obama saying that his grandmother is a “typical white person who gets nervous if she sees somebody on the street she doesn’t know,” that was another reason to snidely infer that Obama is a racist. With video.

Hannity & Colmes devoted another half hour to attacking Barack Obama last night (3/20/08), again without a single guest to speak on his behalf. Before getting down to accusing Obama of racism, Hannity and Estrich dispatched the breaking news that three US State Department employees had inappropriately accessed Obama’s passport files. Hannity accused Obama of hyping the incident to distract from the issues about his pastor. Estrich immediately dismissed the Obama campaign’s complaints that the Bush administration had committed a serious breach. “This is not the Administration going out and trying to undermine Barack Obama. These are some kind of nosy contact employees,” Estrich declared, without bothering to tell the “We report, you decide” network’s viewing audience how she knew. The Democratic Estrich didn’t give it a moment's thought that it might be an issue that the State Department had allowed private, confidential information belonging to a Democratic public figure to be compromised. “Oh well, that one will go away,” she said cavalierly.

Ironically, it was Newt Gingrich, the sole guest for the top two segments, who said that this was in fact a serious matter, that there should be an investigation and that the employees should not only be fired but prosecuted.

Sean Hannity, the white supremacist sympathizer who has yet to denounce his own association with neo-Nazi Hal Turner, got down to the business of doing his best to tarnish Obama as a racist. This time, Hannity played a clip of Obama expanding on his remarks about his grandmother, made during his speech about race earlier in the week. In a radio interview earlier in the day, Obama had said about his grandmother, “She is a typical white person who, if she sees somebody on the street that she doesn’t know, you know there’s a reaction that’s been bred into our experiences that don’t go away and that sometimes – and sometimes come out in the wrong way.”

Hannity, ever on the lookout for bias against whites, repeated with disdain, “She is a typical white person.”

“There’s no racial characteristics there, is there?” Gingrich said snidely.

Frankly, I interpreted Obama’s comments to mean that she is a typical white person AND she reacts that way, not that she is a typical white person BECAUSE she reacts that way.

Estrich sort of defended Obama on this. It was one of the few times she took his side during the entire show.

Estrich said, “Newt, I pulled a quote tonight from Rev. Jesse Jackson that I remember because I thought it was such an honest and striking quote. I don’t know if you remember it. He said, ‘There is nothing more painful to me than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery, then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved.’ Now, Jesse Jackson is not a typical white person. He is a respected African American leader who realizes there is a real problem in the black community with crime.”

Interesting point, but from there, Estrich took a swipe at Obama. “Why is Barack stuck?” she asked Gingrich. Surely, Estrich is wise enough to know that a question like that was an invitation for an attack against Obama from Gingrich.

Estrich continued, “Every woman I know, black, white, green or yellow, gets a little bit nervous, if she’s being honest, when she sees an 18-25 year-old black guy dressed in gang attire, walking behind her on the street. I’m not afraid of old black men. I’m not afraid of old white men.”

Is she afraid of a white 18-25 year-old guy dressed in gang attire? She didn’t say.

Gingrich replied, “I think this is part of the challenge that Senator Obama is now going to find himself with… He has proposed a conversation about race and poverty in America… I think his speech in some ways was much too one-sided. Clever, well-executed, but in fact describing things that happen to fit a stereotype I think that’s wrong, is not true and doesn’t allow us to get to an honest conversation. I think what you just said, quoting Jesse Jackson, is much more accurate than what Senator Obama said.”

I don’t see how it’s all that different from what Jackson said, except that Obama is running for Democratic office and Jackson is not.

Meanwhile, Gingrich didn’t seem to mind at all that Estrich had just been “describing things that happen to fit a stereotype” worse than anything Obama said.

Hannity didn’t indicate any concern either.