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Starbucks Rips Off its Baristas โ€” Gets a Big Laugh on Fox

Reported by Melanie - March 21, 2008 -

Yesterday, a California Superior Court judge ruled that Starbucks must pay 120,000 current and former "baristas" $86.7 million, plus interest, for using tip money intended for the baristas to pay supervisors.

Fox's "premiere business news" guy, Neil Cavuto did a segment about it today (March 21, 2008), featuring radio talk show host Mancow. The two of them thought ripping off the lowest of low paid workers was, well, pretty darn funny.

Cavuto introduced Mancow with,

A judge ordering the pricey coffee chain to cough up $100 million to baristas. They were suing for having to share their tips with their store managers but at around five bucks for a latte, Mancow says they don't deserve tips at all.
Love, love, love this guy. He joins us right now. Mancow, what do you make of this?


Well,how stupid do you have to be to tip at Starbucks? Who, who does that? It's lousy coffee. The service is lousy.
You know something Neil, a barista is a true artist. A barista can make you an amazing cup of coffee, to your tastes. They are. They are artists. It's kinda like the way Disney calls their people cast members: 'Hey, idiot, pick up the trash. Oh, I'm sorry, cast member.' They make'em feel good by calling them baristas. These snobs don't deserve any tips.
What's wrong with us Neil? You used to be able to get a cup of coffee for 50ยข, [but Starbucks has those] fake living rooms, [the] illusion of community. They want to rip us off and then they want a tip on top of it? The nerve! And that's not an artist โ€” to push a button. They push a botton now. They used to actually work. Now it's aaaaah, here, now give me more money? Neil, that's repulsive. It's a bunch of java jive.

Comment: It was only Monday that Cavuto and company treated the $30 billion taxpayer bailout (Socialism is OK when it comes to corporations) of Bear Stearns with kid gloves, using words like "scooped up," "rescued," "had no choice," "steps in and makes sure it's okay." But when Starbucks takes the tip money intended for its lowest paid workers and uses it to pay their supervisors, this is what Fox does. Fox ought to be ashamed, especially given that the conditions are so bad out there that at least one of those allegedly worthless baristas was so dependent on the money in those silly tip jars that he died while pursuing thieves who had snatched one.

UPDATE: 3-28-08: Starburks refuses to pay the fine and, golly gee, Fox doesn't say a word.