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O'Reilly sics ambush producer on Arianna Huffington

Reported by Chrish - March 21, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly sent yet another stalkerazzi producer to the Take Back America conference, this one assigned to Arianna Huffington. As she approached the stage where she was to speak, the minion asked why she promoted hate speech on her hate site. She turned to him and suggested a lesson on the Internet but mostly he badgered her, disinterested in the truth.
With video.

Of course O'Reilly has to know that comments are not the view of the site-owner or the blogger posting there, but in the interest of discussion and supporting free speech rights most sites allow differing viewpoints. Some sites require pre-approval of comments but that vastly slows the dialogue, so most allow comments to be posted and remove objectionable ones when they're caught by moderators, or brought to their attention.

But O'Reilly has repeatedly mischaracterized this, making Ms. Huffington seem responsible for the comments (500,000 each month!) and comparing her to the Nazis and the KKK, which is vicious slander and character assassination.

Last night 3/20/08 he took the angle that she is doing this for money, and tried to elicit facts from his guest Amanda Carpenter, TownHall blogger, about how much the website generates and who the backers and sponsors are. All we learned was that Lexus and the Croc shoe, "a modern day Birkenstock," were observed by the Carpenter. (Tell my conservative Christian Republican friends that their shoes identify their politics and they'll laugh you out of town - politely, of course.)

Here's the video of the stalkerazzi, and a link to Arianna's commentary on the incident and O'Reilly, "who has done as much if not more than anyone else in the media to debase the public dialogue. He spews hate as readily as he breathes. It's his lifeblood." You go, girl.