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O'Reilly calls Jesse Jackson a race-baiter; producer gets badgered

Reported by Chrish - March 20, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly's Talking Points Memo tonight 3/19/08 talked about - what else? - Obama's pastor and race. Producer Griff Jenkins confronted Jesse Jackson in a hotel in Washington, where he's attending the Take Back America 2008 conference (where our blogfather Jim Gilliam is receiving the Maria Leavey Award), but later on a progressive participant turned the tables on Jenkins and badgered him with a mic and camera in his face.
With video.

O'Reilly is incensed that Jesse Jackson would not discuss or denounce Wright's comments. He also spent a lot of time denouncing MediaMatters and Jackson for accusing people of racism - race-baiting, he called it. It's the left who is preventing constructive dialog about race; many whites, he claims, are afraid to discuss race for fear of "making a mistake" and being branded racist.

If that's the case (and I'm not saying it is) then they know how anti-war people have felt for five years, cowed into silence for fear of being labelled traitors, anti-American, and America-haters.

The video is priceless. Give that man a gold star.