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Neil Cavuto Implies -- Not so Subtly -- that Barack Obama is a Liar

Reported by Melanie - March 20, 2008 -

John McCain Delivers Major Speech on the Economy -- Dow Soars! That likely would have been Neil Cavuto's headline today (March 20, 2008) if John McCain gave a speech on the economy and the Dow soared, even if one had nothing to do with the other. But that was far from Cavuto's reaction to Barack Obama's economic speech (or others of the recent past). As a matter of fact, Cavuto accused Obama of being a liar.

It happened during Cavuto's "analysis," er, "Common Sense" segment which airs at the end of his "premiere business news" show.

Here's what he said this afternoon as he sat on the red and black set that is his typical "Common Sense" backdrop:

Beware of generalities. Beware of those who say everyone cheats. They don't. Or all mortgages are collapsing. They're not. Or no American seems to have a good job. I think most do. If we applied the same generalities to races, we'd be run out of town. But now talk like this is run-of-the-mill. It's wrong, and it's dangerous. That's not to say some folks cheat. They do. Or this economy has troubles. It does. Or a lot of mortgages are under stress. They are. But when we take positions in foreign policies, based on the few, and extend them to all, we not only pay a great price morally, but a great price, well, period.

We are better than our ills. What's in shambles [switch to full-screen video of Barack Obama which remained on the screen until Cavuto finished] today isn't our economy, but some of our leaders. You'll note I said some of our leaders, not all, just the ones who make shambles of the last thing we should value. That would be truth.

Comment: This is so typical of Fox: (l) Don't tell viewers what Obama actually said, just throw out vague insinuations and then bash him. (2) Never, ever mention the proven lies of George Bush but imply willy nilly that Obama is a walking, talking lying machine. (3) Employ the not-so-subliminal visual effect of cutting to video of Obama on the word "shambles" and running that video during the most heated part of the "analysis," while never actually using his name. Then, if someone like me accuses Cavuto of calling Obama a liar he and his minions can say, What? Why are you so sensitive? We didn't say that! (4) Grind anyone who disagrees with those currently in power into the ground. And then there's (5), which is the sheer and utter hypocrisy on display at Fox whenever it complains about the use of generalities or the lack of morality and/or truth.

You can watch the video here.

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UPDATE: March 21, 2008 - 10:20 a.m. ET - Reopened.