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Mum's the word on McCain confusion on who's who in Iraq

Reported by Chrish - March 20, 2008 -

Barack Obama's pastor continued to be the big story on FOX and Friends First this morning 3/20/08 as the network keeps hammering his remarks and demanding to know why Obama is still a member of the church. Hillary Clinton is back in the news, with the release of 11,000 pages of documents from her First Lady days. John McCain, who apparently doesn't have who's who in Iraq straight yet, after five years of war support, was not mentioned at all.

It's the same old song and dance on Friends. Wright made horrible, "anti-American" remarks; Obama's rejection of his views is not enough. The right wants to shame him out of his church of twenty years, and they want "white America" to feel justified in their fear of black churches who conduct their services differently.

Clinton is back in the news with the doc dump; FOX chose a few more salacious facts to highlight. Clinton was in the White House on some occassions when her husband was indulging his randy self with Lewinsky and, they assert, Clinton was "at an art class" when major policy discussions were being held. (She has already said she didn't attend meetings but rather had private conversations with her husband.)

Will this hurt her? Sure, if FOX has their way. They'll pour over the pages, carefully selecting items that can be most damaging, and trumpet and beat them to death.

Meanwhile, Senator McCain's big gaffe in Iraq went unmentioned. He merely "misspoke," (twice!) said Campaign Carl Cameron on Special Report - like Bill O'Reilly did repeatedly when he insisted he won a prestigious Peabody Award. (What he meant to say is that the show he was previously associated with, the tabloid Inside Edition, won a Polk Award, after he left it. Easy mistake.)

Other mainstream media likewise ignored or diminished McCain's error, but NBC's ChuckTodd noted that had Obama or Clinton made a similar misstatement, the media would have been all over it. One can fairly wonder, if at age 72, McCain's mind may be slipping. (My own father's slide into Alzheimer's became apparent at age 71.) If we're going to have frank discussions (ha) about race and gender, it's fair to also discuss McCain's age; perhaps moreso, as age does have effects on the best of us (as evidenced by my dad's decline and eventual demise.)

In any case, F&FF was all about bashing Obama's pastor (and him, by continuing association) and the new "dirt" on Hillary.