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Dirty Tricks Played By McCain Aide - Will He Get As Much Coverage As Obama's Former Pastor?

Reported by Donna - March 20, 2008 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith they spoke about 30 seconds about an aide of John McCain's for making (what he called) a false video of ''Barack Obama and the Pastor." I waited for more on this "'Breaking News" as Fox called it when several minutes later they said they were going to a "John McCain" segment, I thought we'd find out.

Instead we saw a several minute segment of John McCain sitting with the British Prime Minister and about his talk with him and how he was going to visit French President tomorrow and how McCain said it was nice it was that we had the leader of France as an ally again.

A few segments later they went to Democratic strategist,Bernard Whitman and Republican strategist, Jessica Echard. Whitman said it was good that it was happening so many months before the elections because there were going to be ups and downs in the campaign.

Echard said that it was good for McCain going oversees and looking all presidential. (Comment: Well, of course, let's not concentrate on the latest bad news about John McCain but how good he looks now. They also talked about how the polls for Barack had gone down since the case with the Reverend while it showed most Democrats didn't believe that Obama believed the same things as the Revererend.

Smith asked Echard what she thought about the fake audio on U Tube put out by a McCain aide who was then suspended; She said she didn't know much about it. (Comment: Of course she's going to say this, why focus on the bad news?) Did Smith ask the Democratic Strategist? No.

Comments: It's amazing how biased and unbalanced Fox can be? They gave none of the info of why, what, where, exactly why or when this happened, what exactly happened, or what were the consequences of why the aide was suspended, but they sure did talk a lot about how "presidential" McCain looked and focused on the good news while it still focused on the negative information on Obama. Fox - blatantly unbalanced.