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Tidbits on Fox and Friends

Reported by Donna - March 19, 2008 -

It was the usual bashing Obama on Fox and Friends today, 7 days in a row. This was done on Studio B yeserday, too. We already know they want Hillary to win -- Rush Limbaugh enforced it on his show -- so it's no surprise they threw all the mud at Obama.

Other strange tidbits that appeared on Fox and Friends was an odd commercial for Fox that showed up with the different talking heads seperated by what appeared to be crosses. Was this some knd of strange/Fox/religion/politicis thing?'

They also teased several times that our lame duck president was going to give a speech about Iraq and how we had to stay strong and go on and win this war. Was this another campaign speech for John McCain?

Comments: As I said before, a lot of tidbits with the focus on Barack bashing. A typical hard news, breaking news, national news day on Fox and Friends.