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The 5th Anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq Makes for a "Slow News Day" on Fox

Reported by Melanie - March 19, 2008 -

I happened to catch the last few minutes of Studio B w/Shepard Smith today (March 19, 2008) while waiting for Your World w/Neil Cavuto to begin. Smith was interviewing two sisters, Melissa and Emily McIntyre. The McIntyres are selling a Frosted Flake shaped like the state of Illinois on eBay. As of the time of the interview, bids were in the $200 - $300 range.

Wrapping up, Smith said, "Alright. Well, good luck I suppose. This has been a fun exercise on a slow news day. Don't get any milk on that thing."

Comment: Today is the 5th anniversary of "shock and awe." Nearly 4,000 of our soldiers are dead. An unknown number of Iraqis are dead. One survey says the number of dead could be as high as one million people. Demonstrations against the war are taking place all across the globe. The Dow was down more than 290 points this afternoon. The U.S. economy is in a "tailspin." Osama bin Laden (remember him?) is allegedly set to release a new tape. I could go on and on, but on Fox it's a "slow news day?" I suppose it is when so much of the real news points to what a disaster the reign of George W. Bush has been. I imagine segments about Illinois-shaped Frosted Flakes take on real significance when your goal is to make the Republicans look as good as you possibly can. No news is good news.