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Mature Professional, Bill O'Reilly, Gives Paybacks to Bill Moyers

Reported by Deborah - March 19, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly was miffed tonight because Bill Moyers ridiculed him at the Take Back America Conference in Washington, D.C. Bill started it all by sending his ambush crew down there to annoy Moyers who decided to mention the incident during his speech. Naturally, O'Reilly got his pal Dennis Miller to join him for some paybacks.

Moyers told the audience that O'Reilly likes to send his "puppies" to ambush him outside his apartment . He noted that "Bill feels about journalism, the same way Bush feels about war." He sends someone else.

Now someone other than Bill O'Reilly might want to ignore the whole thing since sending his ambush crew to chase someone, for pure harassment sake, is kind of embarrassing. However, BOR came off like it was all Moyers fault and how dare he object to having a camera pushed in his face in public just so O'Reilly could demean him later on The Factor.

O'Reilly started name calling which he swears he never does calling the Take Back America Conference, Left Wing Loon Conference. Then he called Moyers a charlatan and not a truth teller. ( Did he mean liar?)

Miller chimed in making cracks about Moyers using taxpayer money . " Not on my dime!" Then he made several nasty cracks about the conference in his typical immature style.

Baby Bill finished up. "Not a truth sayer. Didn't tell his little loonies. He doesn't pay his employees health insurance."

comment: Maybe Bill O'Reilly should consider respecting other people instead of provoking them into retaliation. Bill, please stop this sick behavior. The cringe factor is excruciating.