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FOX's Attack on Obama Continues Adding Hypocrisy to the Script

Reported by Deborah - March 19, 2008 -

It's been a little more than twenty-four hours since Barack Obama's speech and the non stop attacks on FOX News continue with the same intensity. Today on America's Election HQ with Megyn Kelly and Bill Hemmer clips of Obama condemning Don Imus for his racist remark were introduced to portray Senator Obama as a hypocrite while attacks on his judgment and patriotism remained in the mix. The parade of critics included Jane Hall, Juan Williams, Michael Reagan and Tammy Bruce.

It seemed like Jane Hall and Juan Williams were on just to affirm the same message again. Both agreed that Obama's problems are far from over and the speech was meaningless. Everything they said has been repeated without a break since the controversy began.

Jane Hall claimed that clips of Wright will continue to get play on cable news stressing how damaging the visual image of Wright will be noting, " People are deeply upset when they see this video." Williams complained that it took the MSM too long to pick up the story crediting cable news outlets and bloggers for breaking the story. Then he chided Obama for staying at the church.

Michael Reagan and Tammy Bruce representing the voice of Talk Radio had a more brutal approach.Reagan claimed he would walk out if his Pastor said anything like Wright adding that Obama " threw everyone under the bus" in his speech. Kelly noted, " Your Father too."

Tammy Bruce declared that Obama is " exposed" and called him a "chameleon". ( Is that going to be the new term for flip flopper?) Then she praised Hillary Clinton adding " Hillary doesn't hate America"

comment: We've heard this all before but isn't that the point. These attacks continue on FOX everyday and the message seeps into everyone's minds. Even if people are tired of hearing it and don't think they're really listening, the idea takes root. It's 2004 all over again unless we fight back. Sign the petition at Brave New Films to stop the virus.