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O'Reilly Speculates About Obama's Church Losing Tax Exempt Status

Reported by Deborah - March 18, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly tried to cover all the angles tonight in his quest to damage Barack Obama so he asked his legal duo, Lis Wheil and Megyn Kelly to join the feeding frenzy. Bill wondered if Jeremiah Wright's church could lose it's tax exempt status because one of his comments smeared Hillary Clinton while elevating Obama which could indicate campaigning in the church.

O'Reilly must have been disappointed to hear that the IRS has only done this twice in the last fifty years. His legal team claimed the campaigning had to be extreme or habitual noting that one of the churchs that lost status had taken out a full page ad stating " If you vote for Bill Clinton, you'll burn in hell". They did reveal, however, that although Pat Roberson was investigated, he only received a fine.

Then they moved on to Ashley Dupre who is planning to sue the media for using her photos on air. Bill, of course, showed all the photos again calling Dupre a "tart" and "trollop".( Wonder if she can sue him for that too.)