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Look At The Difference Between Obama and McCain Coverage On Studio B

Reported by Donna - March 18, 2008 -

If you were watching Studio B today you would have thought that Obama's former Pastor was the one who was running for President instead of Barack Obama.

As for John McCain, we saw him sitting on a comfortable couch next to Joe Lieberman in North Iraq, basically a commercial for the 'tough' McCain', playing right into his campaign.

Obama has said he disagreed with the statements that the Reverend stated, but this is not enough for Fox. Although pseudo Democrat Juan Williams said it was an eloquent speech it didn't go far enough. He more or less said that Barack Obama wasn't black enough because he was raised in Hawaii.went to an elitist prep school and attended Harvard Law School. Well, I think what Juan Williams just said was racist. Is an African American not allowed to be raised in Hawaii, go to prep school and attend Harvard Law School?

Later in the segment they had a Democratic strategist,Dan Gerstein and Jessica Colon who was on the Republican side. Gerstein said that Obama delivered one of the most acts of candor speeches he had ever heard in his generation. Smith said, "Really?" (Comments, of course taking the Republican's side) Gerstein said instead of trying to make it go away, Obama met the problem straight on.

Colon said the speech was stuck in the past regarding racial politics and Gerstein told her she didn't read the speech. Gerstein said she was "repeating the Reverend's words, not Obama's." (Comment: Excellent point by Gerstein)

Comment: Gerstein said that Obama said that these remarks the Reverend made were damaging and Smith said they'd be talking about this for a while (Comment: because the Republicans want Hillary to win because they think that McCain can't beat Obama.)
What they may have done is ignited a Democratic base for attacking Barack.

In the meantime, wasn't that a nice commercial for McCain? Fox - unfair and unbalanced.