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Fox's "Business News" Anchor Airs Three, Yes Three, Obama-Bashing Segments in One Hour

Reported by Melanie - March 18, 2008

If Fox's reaction is any indication, Barack Obama's speech on race today (March 18, 2008) was absolutely magnificent. When Fox devotes three segments over the course of one measly hour (multiply that by 24/7 and you get the idea) to trashing someone, it's a sure sign that those in power want he or she stuffed into a can and tossed into a river somewhere -- lest we, everyday citizens -- actually come to like that person.

As a representative of those currently in power, and despite all that is happening in the business and financial world, Neil Cavuto, Fox's farcical "business news" guy, jumped to the topic of Obama after two short opening reports about Wall Street this afternoon.

Major Garrett reported from Philly about Obama's speech and then Cavuto introduced Patricia Murphy, a Democrat, and Michelle Oddis, a Republican, who hashed it out as to whether, per the chyron, "Should Obama Quit his Church to End the Rev. Wright Controversy?" In essence, Murphy said no, because "the horse has already left the barn," and Oddis said the question is why he stayed this long.

Roughly 15 minutes later Newt Gingrich came on. The chyron summarizing his message read, "Obama Criticizes Pastor's Words, Defends the Man." It was one of the most distorted, hateful segments I've ever seen on Fox, and that's saying something. (My DVD malfunctioned today so I'm going on my notes here but Chrish is uploading the Gingrich segment for me (thanks Chrish.). I'll link to it as soon as possible. You've got to see it.) Gingrich said Obama's speech was "intellectually, fundamentally dishonest." Yes, the speech was magnificent and these guys are s-c-a-r-e-d.

Roughly ten minutes after Gingrich's appearance, Cavuto introduced two new people (sorry, I didn't make a note of their names) who "discussed" whether or not Obama is hurting the economy by "talking it down." Cavuto and the male guest thought yes, but the woman who disagreed could hardly complete a sentence what with Cavuto interrupting and talking over her.

Comment: So again, if the righties are devoting this much time, in one hour, on one show, on one station (one can only imagine what their whole army is up to), their scared as hell that Obama might, just might, appeal to you and me. They, the representatives of the corporate elite who are screwing us day in and day out, are going out of their way to make sure we hate him or we're afraid of him or we think he's too black or not black enough or we worry that his middle name means that he wants our kids to become suicide bombers. It doesn't matter. What matters is that his populist message doesn't take hold. Their power (and they sure are makin' a mess of things) depends on it.

Here is TalkingPointsMemo's highlight reel of Obama's speech.

UPDATE/11:45p.m. ET - This post is closed to comments. I'll reopen it tomorrow when I can monitor the thread.

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