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Bill O'Reilly Finds Way To Connect George Soros and Barack Obama

Reported by Deborah - March 17, 2008 -

George Soros, O'Reilly's favorite bad guy, was named the "pinhead " tonight in the silly Pinheads and Patriots segment because Rosa Brooks made a comment about Obama that had absolutely no connection to Soros . BOR referred to Brooks as a "George Soros mouthpiece" suggesting she was part of O'Reilly's imaginary dark and dangerous left wing cabal led by Soros secretly working to destroy American values.

However , Brooks' comment was so insignificant, it's pretty hard for even the most paranoid Factor viewer to go for this one. It seems that Rosa Brooks joked that maybe Obama slept through Rev. Wright's sermons and didn't know what he said.

O'Reilly added that George Soros wants Barack Obama to win but didn't offer viewers the source of this knowledge.

Comment: Seems to me, if Soros was whispering in Rosa Brooks' ear from his secret left wing cabal headquarters ,probably located in the French Alps, he wouldn't have given her that silly talking point to spread around. We'll never get the truth, unfortunately, since Soros probably wires huge sums to his loyal "mouthpieces" from his off shore account. Those Soros mouthpieces have it made