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Quick and dirty smear by O'Reilly leaves viewers uninformed

Reported by Chrish - March 14, 2008 -

Their newest commercial lie claims that "We use facts here only facts." Yet minutes into his Talking Points Memo tonight 3/13/08
Bill O'Reilly smeared two black journalists, with zero context, before moving on to Obama's pastors remarks.

Initially refering to Geraldine Ferraro's assertion that Obama is succeeding because of his race, O'Reilly disagreed with her but declared she's no racist. Pictures of the two journalists came on screen and stayed there. O'Reilly declared that

"Notorious race-baiting columnist Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post and Mary Mitchell of the Chicago Sun-Times couldn't wait, couldn't wait, to viciously attack Miss Ferraro. These people you're looking at right now are the American media at its worst."

That was it. No quotes or examples of what they wrote that was so vicious, just a pronouncement of his judgment and on to "another racial issue."

So I looked for the columns. Mitchell's "Ferraro fails to grasp why she's so wrong" is on-line here, and while she is certainly in disagreement with Ferraro it's not vicious, not even mean. The strongest accusation she made was "I don't think Ferraro has a clue that she is thinking like an Archie Bunker bigot." Much the same was said about O'Reilly when he commented on the surprising civility of black diners at Sylvia's; maybe he's stil smarting from that incident.

As for Robinson, there is no column at the Washington Post regarding Ms. Ferraro. His most recent excoriates Eliot Spitzer for making his wife endure the humiliation of facing the press with him. There is a grammatically-challenged blog by a self-described "young earth creationist" (who by my calculations must be about 53 years old) who attempts to describes an interview on MSNBC: Robinson defended Obama, the blogger disagrees.

So what is O'Reilly talking about? Was this just a throw-away attack on two prominent African-American writers, with the safe assumption that his followers would just lodge a mental black mark against them on his say-so? And he has the nerve to call other people vicious.